In police report, retired cop admits to buying sex, denies trying to force teen

Kirk Hooten recently retired from Metro.

Kirk Hooten, the retired Metro detective charged with soliciting prostitution from a child, told the 16-year-old girl three times to get into his car, according to a police statement from the victim.

The girl was carrying a backpack and walking to catch the bus to school when Hooten spotted her and maneuvered through traffic until his car was next to the victim, who was alone at the bus stop, according to the surveillance log compiled by police from cameras at nearby businesses and referenced in the police report. 

“Sex trafficking and kidnapping is real stay alert 100 this man tried to get me into his car this morning,” the victim posted on Facebook on Friday, November 15.  “He’s a white male he’s 6’4” or 6’5” he has a beard I couldn’t really get his face in the camera. But watch out for this truck.” 

The victim posted three photos of a Chevrolet Silverado, as well as part of its license plate number. 

“(The victim) stated that a white male adult drove past her at the bus stop, then turned onto McWilliams, making a U-turn and traveling back southbound on MLK,” the police report says. “The male then tells her three (3) times to get into the vehicle.  (The victim) said no and started walking away. (The victim) says she was scared.” 

Hooten, who was voluntarily interviewed by police on November 17, said he estimated the young woman’s age at between 17 and 19.

“She was cute. I thought she would have been one of the best-looking hookers in the area,” Hooten told police, adding he frequents the area looking for women to engage in sex — some prostitutes and some not. 

Surveillance video shows Hooten gambling at a convenience store at Rancho and Martin Luther King for ten minutes on the morning of November 15, according to the police report. 

At 7:47 he leaves the parking lot as the victim, a 16-year-old girl, crosses Martin Luther King. 

For the next two minutes Hooten makes a series of turns until he is next to the girl at a bus stop.  “(The victim’s) attention abruptly shifts to Hooten’s truck as he passes.” 

Hooten told police he asked the girl if she was working and wanted a ride. He denied telling her to get into his car, according to the police report.

Hooten interrupted police “stating he had read the Facebook post that he tried to force somebody into a vehicle. Hooten adamantly denied that, stating it was, ‘One hundred percent’ incorrect,” reads the report. 

The victim called her sister from the bus stop and relayed what happened, according to the report. Her sister told her to go to the Chevon at 1500 Bonanza because it was a Safe Place and wait for her. 

Hooten was inside gambling and looking in the direction of the victim, according to video surveillance obtained by police, as described in the report.

“Hooten appears to say something to (the victim) as he exits the business,” the surveillance log says. 

“When I saw her when I came out of the store, I realized, OK, now, that is someone I shouldn’t have been yelling at for sure,” Hooten told police of the girl’s age. 

“Hooten stated he used to be in Vice and admitted that he still cat-calls hookers when he’s roaming around to see their reaction,” police wrote.  Hooten told police he frequents the area near Martin Luther King and Bonanza for prostitutes.

Police asked Hooten if he’d have “gone on a ‘date’” with the victim if she had agreed. 

“I, I don’t think I had the money at the time, truthfully.  I had lost my money. Uh, I had to, only enough to go and try to make a little bit more at Chevron.  So, you know, I don’t, maybe if she was interested, yeah.” 

Police became aware of the incident while monitoring Facebook on November 15. They noticed a post from earlier that day that had been shared more than 2,000 times. 

“My biggest fear has come true today some white man tried to take my lil 15 year old sister today while she was walking near mlk and bonanza,” the girl’s sister wrote. “Y’all our young GIRLS are not safe he tried to force her to get in the car thank god i’m not at work and was right down the street be on the look out y’all.”

The victim picked Hooten out of a police photo line-up. 

“I am 90% sure it’s him that tried to get me inside his car,” she told police. 

Hooten, who recently served as Metro’s Director of Governmental Affairs, was arrested Thursday and released on bail, according to Justice Court records. 

He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. 

Dana Gentry
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