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Poor Mike Bloomberg has to come to Nevada after all

The state of play:Bloomberg is in the debate Caucus chaos Nevada is Bernie’s to loseBloomberg goes shopping. Contemplating a path to the Democratic...

Forum presses candidates on fixing America’s infrastructure

America is falling apart. No, not metaphorically speaking -- though several Democratic presidential candidates on the campaign trail would point to the actions of President...

Note to candidates: Taxing 1% must be paired with unrigging Trump’s tax law

Last week, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin claimed that despite a forecasted $1 trillion deficit, Trump’s tax cuts would still “pay for themselves” in...
get in line

18,538: That might be a lot.

Exiting the door of the AFL-CIO state office in Henderson Saturday afternoon to some scattered cheers, Catherine Emanuil raised her arms and rocked back...

So you want to caucus? Here’s what you need to know.

Early voting starts Saturday.Following Iowa and New Hampshire, Nevada will be the third state to weigh in on the Democratic presidential nomination. Deemed "the...

Klobuchar defends record as prosecutor, Buttigieg snipes at MfA at Latino forum

Fresh off strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar Thursday began facing the uphill battle of winning over Latino...

Joaquin Phoenix, trade wars, the coronavirus, and the price of milk 

Libby Lovig of the Nevada Dairyman’s Association was watching the Oscars when Joaquin Phoenix accepted the Academy Award for Best Actor.“We feel entitled to...

‘Let’s just get it over the line.’ Nevada Democrats vote to advance ERA

The U.S. House on Thursday passed a measure to resuscitate the 1923 Equal Rights Amendment by repealing a long-expired congressional deadline for state ratification. The...
Mark Modrcin

Pro-virtual school group takes charter authority to court over public records

The war between brick-and-mortar and virtual charter schools has many battlefields.One of those battlefields is the courtroom, and Carson City District Court on Wednesday...

Culinary might want to dial it back a notch

If nothing else, Sheldon Adelson must be laughing. And Donald Trump too, probably.The Culinary union, which has been sniping at Bernie Sanders for weeks,...


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