Woman who put Ocean Fleming back behind bars told two stories to police

Ocean Fleming, (Photo: Nevada Department of Corrections)

The woman who says she was assaulted by Ocean Fleming on Monday, less than two months after his release from prison, previously admitted in sworn testimony to filing a false police report alleging assault against her then-boyfriend, Edrick (Rick) Dillard.

Fleming, a convicted pimp who was destined to spend the rest of his life behind bars on a slew of convictions, won a new plea deal from prosecutors last year after witnesses who testified against him said they were coerced by police to augment their stories. Fleming was released on Jan. 2. On Tuesday, he was arrested by Metro Police on charges of domestic violence strangulation, burglary and violating parole.  

“Basically they are roping him back in,” says Dillard, the former boyfriend of Anne Davis, the admitted prostitute who alleges Fleming assaulted her Monday. “Ocean blew the whistle on the cops and exposed corruption in Metro, the vice department, the District Attorney. He beat them.” 

Dillard is currently appealing a 2014 conviction for sex trafficking and other charges.

Police and Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson did not respond to requests for comment. 

In her initial interview with police on Monday, Davis said she was waiting for a food delivery when she heard a knock on the door that evening. 

“Davis opened the door and saw her ex-pimp and father of her child, Ocean Fleming,” the police report says. “Fleming forced the door open and pushed Davis to the ground.  Fleming pinned Davis’s arms to the ground. Fleming put his right hand over Davis’s mouth and his left hand around her neck. Fleming applied pressure to Davis’s neck, and she felt like she was going to lose consciousness and possibly die.” 

The report says Fleming “grabbed Davis by her ponytail and cut a piece of her hair off with an unknown object.”

Davis ran out of the apartment, contacted her mother and asked her to call the police, the first report says.   

In a taped interview the next day, Davis told police she was expecting Fleming. 

“On February 24, 2020, Davis stated that she had been talking to Fleming on the phone and he told her he wanted to come over and catch up.  Davis admitted she had been drinking and he caught her in a weak moment,” the police report says.

Fleming is in the Clark County Detention Center being held without bail. A hearing is scheduled for Friday.  

His mother says her son can prove he was at school when the alleged assault is said to have occurred.

False Report? 

In 2014, Davis testified in a preliminary hearing that allegations she made against Dillard were false. 

“She went on a call at the Wynn, made about $3,600. She stopped at Magoos and spent a lot of money. She came to my office and caused a scene in front of my office,” says Dillard. “I told her ‘I don’t want to deal with you,’ and shut the door. She acted like she was going to drive into my office. I pretended to call the police. She called the police and said ‘I’m being pimped.’”

Dillard was arrested when Davis alleged he sexually assaulted her and demanded money she earned as a prostitute.  

Davis failed to show up for Dillard’s first preliminary hearing. 

“I felt stupid for making statements to the police just to try to get him in trouble,” she said at a subsequent hearing. 

Davis testified she abused cocaine and alcohol and that Dillard demanded she stop using and threatened to tell her mother, who had custody of one of Davis’ two daughters. Davis says she was afraid of losing custody of her other daughter.  

Davis, who had signed an affidavit recanting the allegations by the time she testified at the preliminary hearing, said she was unable to remember what she had reported to police. 

“I’m suffering from an addiction to alcohol and drug abuse so I may have said it, I may have not, but I don’t remember saying it, no,” she said in response to a question from prosecutors. 

Davis testified she had been picked up by Vice on a soliciting charge several weeks earlier and given a subpoena to appear at Dillard’s preliminary hearing. 

“Did they make any promises that if you testified today, they’d go easy with you on this case?” Dillard’s attorney Adam Gill, asked Davis on the stand.

“They said ‘Don’t worry about the case,’” Davis testified.

“What did you take that to mean, don’t worry?” Gill asked. 

“If I testified today, that I wouldn’t be charged with the soliciting,” Davis answered.

Davis testified she later told Vice Detective Jennifer Santiago that she had recanted her statement. 

“I told her I went to the office and recanted the statement and she said something about jail calls and he was trying to coerce me on the phone to recant the statement and then I hung up on her.” …

“What was your next contact with vice after that date, after you hung up with Santiago?” Gill asked.

“The day they arrested me at Paris for soliciting,” Davis testified. “They just asked me why I had hung up on them and I pretty much told them I didn’t have anything to say.  I wanted my lawyer present, and I told Ms. Santiago that on the phone as well.”

“Did you feel pressured by them to tell us a certain story?” Gill asked.  

“Yeah. It’s a pretty known fact once you get involved with vice, if you don’t really go through with the situation, that you can’t really work in Vegas anymore,” Davis told the court. “They’ll always be in hot pursuit on my heels.” 

Misdemeanor prostitution charges filed against Davis in December 2013 were dismissed, according to Las Vegas Justice Court records. 

Davis changed her testimony again at Dillard’s trial. He was convicted in 2014 of sex trafficking, living from the earnings of a prostitute and preventing/dissuading a witness from testifying.

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