Trump’s latest junk suit is just another episode of his anti-reality TV show

November 6, 2020 5:59 am

Adam Laxalt, left, grimly looks on Sadly “BBQ, Beer, Freedom” Man had a prior engagement. (Fox5 screengrab, Nov. 5. 2020)

Donald Trump dispatched a C-list Fox News celebrity to Las Vegas Thursday to tell Nevada how it should conduct its election.

Matt Schlapp, (“as seen on the screen,” boasts his Twitter bio), along with national Trump campaign official Ric Grenell and aspiring right-wing media personality and Trump Nevada campaign chair Adam Laxalt, held an event and successfully attracted what they adore most: TV cameras. Crowds of media have been in town in the unlikely but not impossible event that Nevada decides who will be president.

The Trumpistas announced they would be suing Nevada over … oh who cares anymore what their suits are about? They did file it later in the day, at least the fourth suit the Trump campaign has filed in Nevada. Their suits are always thrown out because, to borrow a phrase used repeatedly by a judge who tossed one of Trump’s Nevada suits the other day, “no evidence was presented” of any of the alleged evildoing the suits allege.

Ever on brand, Trump’s parachuted-in Nevada brain trust refused to present any evidence backing up their allegations Thursday.

When they filed their suit later in the day, the Trump campaign sent Attorney General Bill Barr, aka Trump’s real personal attorney (sorry Rudy), a letter claiming more than 3,000 people voted in Nevada even though they weren’t in Nevada.

“There is a 30-day residency requirement in Nevada. If you haven’t been in the state for 30 days,” Grenell said during the Trump troupe’s morning show, “it is illegal to vote.”

Oh it is nowhere near that cut and dried Grenell, you lying sack.

As the ACLU was quick to remind everyone, people who aren’t in a state commonly vote in that state, for lots of perfectly legitimate and legal reasons. People like students, the military, or people who just moved, for instance. Perhaps you’ve been one of those people sometime? I know I have.

“Under federal law,” the ACLU noted in a statement, “otherwise eligible voters are exempt from requirements that they reside in a state for any amount of time in order to cast a vote in a presidential election. An American who moved within 30 days before an election has a right to vote in a presidential race in their new state of residence or they may cast a ballot in their prior state of residence in-person or via absentee ballot.”

The Trump team refused to answer any questions about alleged non-Nevadans voting or any of their other flimsy claims during their performance for the cameras. Schlapp and Grenell wouldn’t even answer when asked to give their names. Explaining that they wouldn’t be answering any of the media’s questions, Grenell said “you’re here to take in information.”

In other words, trust us, we’re from the Trump campaign.

Sounds legit.

Trump has filed/is filing multiple suits in assorted states, and while the campaign has won a few, mostly it loses. More importantly, the counting of ballots continues.

Trump sent Rudy Giuliani and Eric Trump to Philadelphia Wednesday to trumpet one of the campaign’s suits in Pennsylvania and lob assorted lies and unsubstantiated allegations. All Nevada got was Schlapp and whoever Grenell is. (Sad.) Like Schlapp and his cohorts in Nevada, Giuliani and Trump the younger didn’t provide evidence – or answer any questions about evidence — during their skit either.

And Trump himself continues to lie about everything all the time, from his totally wrong and false claims that he won the election to repeatedly calling votes illegal, or “ILLEGAL,” to his long- and oft-repeated lie that mail voting itself is ripe for fraud and that there are no safeguards to assure votes are valid.

Some of those lies were featured in Trump’s summer suit attempting to throw out Nevada’s law by which voters would be sent mail-in ballots. The judge dismissed the claims in the Trump suit as “speculative,” which is pretty charitable when you think about it.

All the lying from Trump and his toadies, about everything all the time, makes perfect sense, in a sick and twisted and civilization-threatening sort of way, as does their serial failure to support their allegations with, you know, evidence.

Evidence is a basis for determining what is real.

Trumpism relies on dismantling objective reality.

As Trump famously/infamously explained to Lesley Stahl, he doesn’t just attack the press because it gives him good feelies (though it does), or because his base loves nothing more than when he triggers the libs (though they do). He attacks the media to discredit their reporting, so when they report facts about his lies and corruption and incompetence, the public won’t believe the stories.

Who are you going to believe, Donald Trump, or your lying eyes?

For a little less than half the electorate, the answer is the former.

Trump wants vote counting stopped in states where he’s ahead, and vote counting to continue in states where he’s behind (or he did until he got behind in states he was ahead; now he just wants vote counting to be manipulated in whatever fashion will result in him not losing). But while Trump is many things, fortunately a state or local election official is not one of them.

Nor is he a judge.

But several are beholden to him.

Over the next several days, or weeks, Donald Trump, loser, will flail and lash out and throw tantrums, and demand that courts effectively steal the election for him. It will all be for naught, so long as judges and courts are more committed to facts, evidence and reality than they are to Trump.

(Note: Friday a judge rejected the suit filed by the Trump campaign the day before, citing “little to no evidence” backing up Trump’s allegations.)

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Hugh Jackson
Hugh Jackson

Hugh Jackson was editor of the Las Vegas Business Press, senior editor at the Las Vegas CityLife weekly newspaper, daily political commentator on the Las Vegas NBC affiliate, and author of the Las Vegas Gleaner political blog. Prior to moving to Las Vegas, he was a reporter and editor at the Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune.