Who’s lying now? Lombardo campaign ad deceives voters with a cheap trick

August 30, 2022 10:48 am

Lombardo’s campaign is deceiving voters by pretending statements were made by independent news organizations instead of provided by Lombardo’s campaign. (Lombardo ad screengrab)

Steve Sisolak’s campaign ran an ad saying Joe Lombardo wants to restrict birth control. Lombardo’s campaign responded with an ad saying “It’s a lie.”

To back up that time-honored campaign trail hyperbole in their ad, Lombardo’s handlers cite stories from the Las Vegas Review Journal and your friendly Nevada Current. Both citations are presented as if they were matter of fact conclusions of the news organizations. They’re not. On the contrary, they were merely statements from Lombardo’s campaign that were included in the stories.

After presenting the statements as if they independently and/or objectively back up Lombardo’s contention that Sisolak is lying, Lombardo’s ad neglects to mention the words that accompanied both statements – “…campaign spokesperson Elizabeth Ray said,” in the RJ’s story, and “Ray said in a statement” in the Current’s.

In other words, Lombardo’s campaign is deceiving voters by pretending the statements were made by independent news organizations instead of provided by Lombardo’s campaign.

Perhaps you think it is the job of campaign operatives to profoundly and aggressively disrespect the intelligence of voters. Perhaps you think a campaign operative’s preferred tactical habitat is rightly a trash pit of unconscionable deceit. If so, Lombardo’s handlers Mike Slanker, Mark Hutchison, and Ryan Erwin don’t disappoint.

For something in which Lombardo’s duplicitous campaign handlers clearly have no interest or regard – the record – the Nevada Current story they’re citing in their ad also had this line:  ‘Asked during a primary election debate if he’d support bans of morning after pills and waiting periods, Lombardo said “Yes, absolutely.”’

Perhaps Lombardo’s handlers would like to issue a statement clarifying that while Lombardo said that at that debate, it’s a lie?

If Lombardo’s handlers can’t find sources that can be used legitimately rather than deceptively to defend their mark, er, candidate, perhaps they shouldn’t have buttered Lombardo up and talked him into running in the first place.

And if Lombardo was really the strong man of character that he plays on TV – a leader, if you will – he’d get some control over what is supposed to be his campaign.

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