Carrie Kaufman

Carrie Kaufman

Broadcast, digital and print journalist Carrie Kaufman writes the You're Overthinking It newsletter on Substack. She has covered the Clark County School District for public radio and The Nevada Voice since 2015. Follow Carrie on Twitter: @CarrieKaufman


They’re NOT racists. Just ask them.

By: - June 3, 2021

“The lady doth protests too much, methinks.” So says Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, during the play within a play scene toward the end of Hamlet. Shakespeare’s Danish prince has constructed the play so he could show his mother and his uncle/stepfather that he knows they killed his father. Gertrude is reacting with annoyance to the character […]


A CCSD Passion Play, Act 2: Waiting for God… Oh?

By: - May 20, 2021

Yesterday I wrote about the latest environmental performance piece produced by the Clark County School District Board of Trustees – otherwise known as their bi-weekly meeting. Today we’re going to talk about the through-line of the piece, the central idea of the performance – whether to prop up The Man.  Let’s go over the characters […]


A CCSD passion play, act 1: ‘Tis Mad Idolatry

By: - May 19, 2021

I love environmental theatre.  Maria Irene Fornes’ enigmatic avant garde piece, “Fefu and Her Friends,” has been a fave since college days. The show takes place in four rooms of a home in which the audience walks through, spending 10 minutes with each story. It has a cast of eight women, and was regarded as […]


CCSD: If you can’t beat ‘em, bribe ‘em

By: - April 29, 2021

Supt. Jesus Jara has tried since he arrived in 2018 to undermine both the school reorganization law (AB469) and the administrators who have been defending it. Regular readers know he tried an end run around principals last summer, attempting to con the Legislature into centralizing control over carryover funds, which are now controlled by individual […]


Things that make me scratch my head

By: - March 26, 2021

There are things in life that just make me scratch my head. I’ve learned to shrug it off. For instance, when my kids were younger, I wondered – and actually wrote about – why Hannah Montana never, until the last season, mentioned her mother, who died sometime before she was 12. I mean, isn’t losing […]

Superintendent Jesus Jara

CCSD Supt. Jara thinks his contract runs until 2023

By: - March 11, 2021

CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara’s contract runs out on June 30, 2021. But his representatives argued in two letters to CCSD outgoing attorney Mary-Anne Miller that his contract actually expires in 2023. The letters concern the automatic renewal clause in Jara’s contract – usually a fairly straightforward extension clause after the stated term of the agreement […]


CCSD now teaching students it’s OK to plagiarize

By: - March 2, 2021

Nathan Trenholm blew away the wealthy business people sitting in the Smith Center’s main theatre. It was at the BE Engaged Conference in 2019, where principals and admin rub shoulders with the people they hope to partner with, to plug the funding holes in their budgets. Trenholm gave a clear, concise, entertaining 17-minute presentation showing […]

no income tax tho!

CCSD to school: Spend money we haven’t given you yet, and may not ever give you

By: - February 23, 2021

Dear Clark County School Trustees, I was recently forwarded a letter that had been sent to you from your boss… er, employee… Jason Goudie, who is, of course, the Chief Financial Officer of CCSD. The letter was in answer to my last column in the Nevada Current, detailing the Academic Support Funds shortfall to Bailey […]


Bailey Middle School searching for answers as it takes budget hit

By: - February 9, 2021

Darryl Wyatt is hopping mad. The principal of Dr. William H. Bailey Middle School knew he would take a hit to his budget, after the Legislature cut money for what most education types in Nevada refer to as SB178 funds. But he didn’t realize the hit would be almost $400,000, and cost him four teachers. […]


Communication and truth: An evaluation of an evaluation

By: - December 21, 2020

Clark County School District Superintendent Jesus Jara had a performance evaluation on Tuesday. The next day, he ignored it. Headlines after last week’s meeting conveyed the Board of Trustees gave Jara a lukewarm evaluation. That’s true. The average score on the 28 suggestions for growth and improvement was 2.5 out of 4. That’s a C+. […]

Superintendent Jesus Jara

CCSD’s back-to-school plan: Lots of detail, but no particulars

By: - November 12, 2020

The good news? Schools are now required to clean their microwaves. The bad news? Students, teachers and support staff will actually be on campus to use them. Except most won’t be allowed to heat up their food. According to the Clark County School District reopening plan, students are encouraged to eat at their desks. Six […]


The curious case of Superintendent Jara

By: - July 28, 2020

I first met Clark County School District Superintendant Jesus Jara when he unleashed a firestorm. In the summer of 2019 he announced, via video, that he would be eliminating the position of dean in middle and high schools. The decision, itself, did not seem out of line. Deans focus on punishment. Social workers and psychologists […]