Hugh Jackson

Hugh Jackson

Hugh Jackson was editor of the Las Vegas Business Press, senior editor at the Las Vegas CityLife weekly newspaper, daily political commentator on the Las Vegas NBC affiliate, and author of the Las Vegas Gleaner political blog. Prior to moving to Las Vegas, he was a reporter and editor at the Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune.

U.S. Senate bills would ban fake electors, clear up Electoral College procedures

By: and - July 20, 2022

WASHINGTON — In December 2020, Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald and five other party officials and activists gathered in Carson City and signed a phony election certificate that attempted to grant Nevada’s six electoral college votes to Donald Trump, even though Joe Biden beat Trump in Nevada. Their action got two of them  – […]


If they are out there, they probably already found us

By: - July 19, 2022

There were lots and lots of oohs and ahs last week after NASA unveiled images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and appropriately so.  What does one say about the “deep field” image of the SMACS 0723 galaxy cluster, with thousands of galaxies (each of course containing billions of stars), including glimpses of some that […]


Lee, other moderates, urged to oppose tax increases on rich & corporate, but then Manchin makes it moot

By: - July 14, 2022

A New Jersey congressman is urging Nevada Democratic Rep. Susie Lee and a few other moderate House Democrats to help kill any prospective budget reconciliation bill that imposes new taxes on corporations or wealthy individuals. Thursday there were multiple media reports that Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer had reached out to Lee and other centrist Democrats […]

Marchant’s fellow election denier finally makes it to Nevada – and then to jail in Colorado

By: - July 14, 2022

In March, invoking election fraud conspiracies while urging Nye County commissioners to switch to all paper, hand-counted ballots, Nevada Republican candidate for secretary of state Jim Marchant was disappointed that one of his fellow election conspiracists couldn’t be there to make a presentation. The Colorado official, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, had been indicted on […]


Nothing shows respect for the rule of law like chumming with Trump

By: - July 12, 2022

Donald Trump brought his Cesspoolfest 2022 Tour to Las Vegas last week. Joe Lombardo and Adam Laxalt were the warm-up act. The show was supposed to be all about safety. No, not safety as in protecting you from horrible terrible criminals who probably aren’t even white coming to kill you in your bed, although the […]


Lombardo & Laxalt? Or Sisolak & Cortez Masto? Who wants Trump here more?

By: - July 6, 2022

Donald Trump, who lost Nevada in both 2016 and 2020, is scheduled to be in Las Vegas campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt. Both candidates were endorsed by Trump in their primary races. The campaigns of their Democratic opponents, Gov. Steve Sisolak and Catherine Cortez Masto, were […]


What congressional Democrats can’t do to protect abortion rights – and what they can

By: - June 30, 2022

This column will describe policy responses to the Supreme Court overruling Roe v Wade that are and aren’t available to congressional Democrats under multiple scenarios both before and after the midterm elections. First the chances of passing legislation under normal existing procedures are assessed. That’s followed by an overview of the prospects for ending the […]


Democrats seize on FBI seizing McDonald’s phone

By: - June 24, 2022

In addition to being the long-time chairman of the Nevada State Republican Party and a fake elector who got subpoenaed by the January 6 committee, Michael McDonald was a cop once. Although he should resign now that he’s won his primary and is running for governor full time, Republican Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is […]


Yes, actually, the January 6 hearings are more important than the price of gas

By: - June 17, 2022

A rogues’ gallery of conspiracy-pushing celebrity wannabes, grifters, and mere garden-variety windsocks hoping to locate a good-paying government job without the help of a moral compass – all endorsed by or embracing Donald Trump – won their primaries in Nevada this week. For reasons none of them have explained, all of them promise that if […]


The Silver and Ack

By: - May 17, 2022

The New York Times published a story on the Raiders late last week that mostly focuses on mayhem in the front office, with an emphasis on the dysfunctional and bungling nature of the organization. But arguably more important were the parts of the story that shed light on working conditions within the organization. Here’s an excerpt: […]

As mining law hits sesquicentennial, many Democrats demand reform. Cortez Masto isn’t one of them.

By: and - May 11, 2022

It’s got a new name. But the effort to overhaul the nation’s 150 year-old law that governs mining of hardrock and other minerals on federal lands still faces old obstacles, not least the senior senator from Nevada. Mining reform was last seen being crushed in the now defunct Build Back Better legislation.  “The senator from […]

there he goes

Trump-endorsed candidates snubbed & drubbed at NVGOP convention

By: - May 4, 2022

Remember that one time when the great and powerful Nevada State Democratic Party (Harry Reid, proprietor) was taken over, and the legendary “Reid Machine” just cold ousted from leadership, during a state party convention by upstart Democratic Socialists? And then a bunch of national media went all “oh my stars and garters,” except in mediaspeak? […]