Michael Lyle

Michael Lyle

Michael Lyle (MJ to some) has been a journalist in Las Vegas for eight years.  He started his career at View Neighborhood News, the community edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. During his seven years with the R-J, he won several first place awards from the Nevada Press Association and was named its 2011 Journalist of Merit. He left the paper in 2017 and spent a year as a freelance journalist accumulating bylines anywhere from The Washington Post to Desert Companion. While he covers a range of topics from homelessness to the criminal justice system, he gravitates toward stories about race relations and LGBTQ issues. Born and mostly raised in Las Vegas, Lyle graduated from UNLV with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. He is currently working on his master's in Communications through an online program at Syracuse University. In his spare time, Lyle cooks through Ina Garten recipes in hopes of one day becoming the successor to the Barefoot Contessa throne. When he isn’t cooking (or eating), he also enjoys reading, running and re-watching episodes of “Parks and Recreation.” He is also in the process of learning kickboxing.

make the road cancela diaz

Forum highlights need for paid sick leave, higher minimum wage

By: - September 28, 2018

As an English Language Learner teacher at Hyde Park Middle School, Mario Wolthers knows sending a sick student home isn’t easy. “Just today I had a kid, and you can tell visually he just wasn’t feeling well,” he says. “I asked him, ‘If you’re not feeling well, why didn’t you stay home?’ He told me […]

vote please

Michelle Obama at Las Vegas rally: Turn out to vote, don’t give up

By: - September 24, 2018

If people want an example of how voting can make a difference for a community, Michelle Obama points to Boone County, Missouri. “They were struggling to get their children the mental health care they needed” Obama said in Las Vegas Sunday. “The folks came together, came up with a plan to fund children’s mental health […]

fair point

Trump’s Heller rally draws mockery – and hopes of a backfire

By: - September 21, 2018

Jack Levine is scared and frustrated. The 74-year-old retiree, who relies on Medicare for his monthly supply of insulin to manage his type 2 diabetes, says he is worried about the Trump Administration is going to do to his health care. That fear is the reason why he decided to join other people protesting the […]

primary care

New SNHD services help, can’t fix primary care crisis

By: - September 19, 2018

More than two-thirds of Nevadans live in a federally designated Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Area. “That’s about 67 percent of the state experiencing a primary care doctor shortage,” says Scott Jones the manager of the Primary Care Office at Nevada Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Public and Behavioral Health. “That’s pretty dismal.” […]

Activists see double standard in Laxalt’s traffic tickets

By: - September 14, 2018

Not all traffic stops play out the same way. For Alicia Moya her unpaid traffic violations, including driving without a license, resulted in jail time and spending weeks in an ICE detention center. “I didn’t come from a rich, white suburb like (Attorney General Adam) Laxalt,” Moya says referring to a recent report about Laxalt’s […]

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LV “Mayor’s Fund” established to support underfunded programs

By: - September 12, 2018

“Tax dollars can’t do everything,” Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said Wednesday. “We have no state income tax here, which makes it more challenging to do all the things we have to do.” Goodman made those remarks as she announced the Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE project, which she described as a way to […]


Even with tuition waived, foster youth travel a tough road

By: - September 12, 2018

Even with scholarships and loans, Madison Sandoval-Lunn could barely afford college and her living expenses. As a foster youth with no support system, she worked multiple jobs and struggled with periods of homelessness during her time at UNLV.  “Kids who grew up in the foster care system have a lot of things going against them,” […]

politician in ad

Horsford, DCCC to unleash $1 million TV ads

By: - September 10, 2018

In his first television advertisement, scheduled to begin airing Wednesday, Steven Horsford unloads on congressional Republicans for giving tax breaks to “billionaires and big corporations” at the expense of everyone else.  “We can’t let them win,” he says in the 30 second spot, “A Good Job.” The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Horsford’s campaign is […]

Sisolak and Holder discuss justice reform with activists

By: - September 7, 2018

Clark County Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak says he’s “willing to look at whatever the Legislature brings forward” to reform the cash bail system in Nevada, but stopped short of commiting to any specific reforms. Sisolak made his remarks Thursday at a roundtable addressing criminal justice reform issues, where he was joined by former […]

rousted in corridor

LV Council kills “Anderson Dairy bill”

By: - September 6, 2018

The Las Vegas City Council voted 7-0 to kill a proposed ordinance making it unlawful for people to sit, lie down or camp on a sidewalk within 1,000 feet of a food processing facility. The bill prompted criticism from community members who feared it targeted those experiencing homelessness. People in the homeless corridor — a section […]


Largest NV workforce whose raises Trump canceled: VA

By: - August 31, 2018

Just in time for Labor Day, President Trump announced Thursday that he is canceling pay raises for civilian federal employees that were scheduled to take effect in January. By Friday he said he’d study it over the weekend. If, after study, he goes ahead with his original pronouncement, more than 11,000 Nevadans won’t receive the […]

marsys law

Marsy’s Law: Sounds good, but is it?

By: - August 31, 2018

Looking at states that have had trouble following Marsy’s Law passage, various attorneys and local civil rights groups are concerned about what the ballot measure, if passed, means for Nevada.  Those opposed to the measure are worried about it slowing down the system, costing the state money, violating due process of defendants and even shielding […]