Michael Lyle

Michael Lyle

Michael Lyle (MJ to some) has been a journalist in Las Vegas for eight years.  He started his career at View Neighborhood News, the community edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. During his seven years with the R-J, he won several first place awards from the Nevada Press Association and was named its 2011 Journalist of Merit. He left the paper in 2017 and spent a year as a freelance journalist accumulating bylines anywhere from The Washington Post to Desert Companion. While he covers a range of topics from homelessness to the criminal justice system, he gravitates toward stories about race relations and LGBTQ issues. Born and mostly raised in Las Vegas, Lyle graduated from UNLV with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. He is currently working on his master's in Communications through an online program at Syracuse University. In his spare time, Lyle cooks through Ina Garten recipes in hopes of one day becoming the successor to the Barefoot Contessa throne. When he isn’t cooking (or eating), he also enjoys reading, running and re-watching episodes of “Parks and Recreation.” He is also in the process of learning kickboxing.

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Shipped to Arizona, Nevada inmates launch hunger strike

By: - August 22, 2018

Multiple Nevada Department Correction inmates housed at an Arizona facility began a hunger strike this week. Though it coincides with the Nationwide Prison Strike happening in several states, Holly Welborn, the policy director with the ACLU of Nevada, says complaints indicate inmates have their own concerns.   “They have more specific demands than the 10 […]

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Is this ad a dog whistle?

By: - August 21, 2018

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) has claimed a past arrest and incident of public intoxication means state Sen. Aaron Ford does not have the “qualifications to be Nevada’s top cop.” However, four years ago, Adam Laxalt’s past DUI didn’t stop RAGA from supporting his candidacy. The organization has launched a campaign offensive against Ford […]

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Mi Familia Vota: Question 3 hurts minorities, low-income communities

By: - August 17, 2018

Mi Familia Vota, a national nonprofit with a record of active organization within Southern Nevada’s Latino communities, announced its opposition to Question 3 Friday, saying it could potentially harm people of color. If passed, the ballot measure would amend the Nevada constitution to allow companies to sell electricity on an open market. It has heavy […]


CEO pay skyrockets, worker pay doesn’t, study finds

By: - August 17, 2018

In a new report, the Economic Policy Institute found CEO compensation surged by almost 18 percent in 2017 compared to a .3 percent rise in workers’ wages.  When looking at compensation of CEOs, which includes stock options in addition to salary, bonuses, restricted stock grants and long-term incentive payouts, the average CEO of the 350 […]

Big beautiful gate and homeless will pay for it

First a gate – now an ordinance? City shields business from homeless Las Vegans

By: - August 17, 2018

The City of Las Vegas is not only building a “no pedestrian access” gate, it is also proposing a separate punitive ordinance to keep homeless Nevadans away from a business. Earlier this month the city voted to erect the gate on Foremaster Lane on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard in an attempt to […]

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Environmental groups redoubling outreach to people of color

By: - August 16, 2018

Communities of color are more vulnerable to environmental health hazards, the impacts of climate change and environmental injustices. National reports continue to confirm the persistence of environmental racism — how racial minorities are disproportionately impacted by environmental issues like pollution. A study released this year in the American Journal of Public Health  found African Americans […]

Democrats make fun of Heller headgear purchase

By: - August 9, 2018

The Nevada State Democratic Party is making fun of Sen. Dean Heller for an unusual campaign expenditure: $217 worth of Make America Great Again hats. The group mocked the purchase, and said it was improperly marked on the Federal Election Commission second quarter report as “MAGA Hats” instead of attributing the expenses to the “Trump […]

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Groups encourage DACA renewals

By: - August 3, 2018

While there is a national push from immigrants’ rights organizations encouraging DACA recipients to complete their application renewals early, local groups are trying to raise funds to assist with fees. “We’ve had requests from DREAMers left and right needing assistance,” says Leo Murrieta, the director of Make the Road Nevada. The push for renewing as soon […]

dems in transition

DA race over, but push for reform isn’t

By: - August 3, 2018

A 55-year-old white male was arrested July 31 because of a citation he received in February for expired license plates, registration violations and making an improper U-turn. His cash bail, according to Clark County Detention Center records, totaled $2,005. Unpaid tickets for driving without a license and speeding at least 20 miles over the limit […]

happy birthday medicaid

On anniversary of benefits, groups worry about fate of Medicare, Medicaid

By: - July 30, 2018

Fifty-three years ago, Medicare and Medicaid were born to ensure vulnerable populations — low-income seniors, people with disabilities, children — have access to health care. On its anniversary Monday, progressive groups such as Battle Born Progress, Mi Familia Vota and Planned Parenthood Affiliates warned about continual risks to those programs. “Over a million Nevada residents […]

No on 3 declines to endorse Question 6

By: - July 26, 2018

While Yes on 3 recently endorsed Question 6, No on 3 declined Thursday to support or oppose the renewable energy ballot initiative. “The Coalition to Defeat Question 3 is focused solely on defeating Question 3 for many reasons, including the negative impact it would have on Nevada’s current and future pro-renewable policies,” Tracy Skenandore, a […]

Energy ballot measures: Who’s on first?

By: - July 26, 2018

Environmentalists oppose Question 3. Question 3 supports Question 6. Question 6 is supporting, well, Question 6. Sorry, no flow chart yet. The Sierra Club, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Western Resources Advocates issued a joint statement Thursday opposing Question 3, which would amend the Nevada constitution to allow customers to […]