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By 6 to 1, LV council votes to let domestic violence culprits keep guns

The City of Las Vegas voted 6-1 to pass an ordinance that allows those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence to keep their guns despite...
hot and getting hotter

Cities look for solutions to ‘urban heat island’ effect

A Climate Central study reports that, on average, U.S. cities were 2.4 degrees hotter than the surrounding rural areas during the past 10 summers,...
yer dome

Nevada’s entire House delegation condemns Trump’s Syria troop withdrawal

WASHINGTON — All four members of Nevada's representatives in the U.S. House  Wednesday voted to approve a resolution condemning President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of...
county bldg

County official says city homeless ordinance would be burdensome, create fear

While updating Clark County commissioners on homeless services, county officials said a proposed City of Las Vegas ordinance that would make it a misdemeanor...

Graffiti threatening African Americans, Sanders supporters found at UNLV

Graffiti making "a broad threat to our university community as a whole, as well as specific threats against African Americans and local supporters of...
surrender monkey

Federal judges block public charge rule from going into effect

Three federal judges blocked the implementation of the Trump administration’s proposed rule change that would have prevented some immigrants from receiving public assistance.On Friday,...
down the street

NSHE urges Supreme Court to protect DACA

All eight of Nevada’s higher education institutions are among the 165 private and public colleges and universities nationwide that have asked the U.S. Supreme...
laxalt and duncan

Nevada gets its Ukraine connection, courtesy of Laxalt, Duncan

“Adam doesn’t know the man.”That was the reaction from a spokesman for former attorney general Adam Laxalt to the news Thursday that four men...
pretty expensive really

Rents in Nevada increase at more than twice the rate of inflation

Rents in Reno increased more than 19 percent in the last five years and rents in Clark County increased by 17.5 percent.Both of those...

Now really may be the time to buy

Home prices in Southern Nevada are nearing the all-time high set more than a decade ago, but low interest rates and the lowest foreclosure...



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