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Gansert: Reno uplifted by economic diversification, LV not so much

Tax incentives awarded to companies to do business in Nevada during the last ten years cost the state $334.7 million in tax revenue, but...

Clark County Commission condemns coyote killing contests

The Clark County Commission unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday condemning animal-killing contests and urging the state to take “immediate action to ban” the practice...
Not Betsy DeVos

Nevadan senators welcome Cardona’s confirmation as education secretary

The Senate on Monday confirmed Miguel Cardona to lead the U.S. Department of Education in a 64-33 vote.Cardona, a longtime educator from Connecticut, will...

Relief bill passed by House would give NV state government $2.9 billion

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. House on a nearly party-line vote passed President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic aid package early Saturday, in a rush to...
sun sets

Legislation would allow children to have more than two legal parents

Emily Reese, a Reno activist who died in 2018 after years of battling colon cancer, had one wish -- that her ex-husband Devon’s new...
that nice dr. john

Barrasso interrupts, shouts at Haaland during 2nd day of confirmation hearing

WASHINGTON -- In a bitter and at times high-decibel round of questioning at her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Interior nominee Rep. Deb Haaland again...
with votes

Battle for leadership of Nevada Dems heats up

Minority members of Nevada's Democratic State Central Committee say candidate for chair Judith Whitmer and her affiliates have "worked against efforts to empower diversity...

Cannabis for canines – pro or con?

On Monday, state legislators heard a bill that would allow veterinarians to administer or recommend cannabis products to a pet for any medical condition...
box o' vaxx

Feds ship out COVID-19 vaccines delayed by winter storms

White House officials said Monday that thawing temperatures and a weekend of around-the-clock work has begun to clear a backlog of 6 million COVID-19...
wait what

McConnell & the midterms, Schadenfreude watch, and that 2/3 thing

The following was excerpted from last week’s Daily Current newsletter, the editor’s opinionated morning news roundup, which you can subscribe to here.Mitch, Manchin &...


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