Amodei assures Fox host he’s not for impeachment

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(Fox News Network screengrab)
fair and balanced
(Fox News Network screengrab)

Mark Amodei went on a Fox News Network show Monday to assure the network’s viewers he does not support impeaching Donald Trump.

Amodei has been telling anyone who will listen that he does not support impeaching the president, ever since Friday when the New York Times and other national publications interpreted remarks Amodei made to Nevada reporters as meaning that Amodei was the first House Republican to support the impeachment inquiry launched by the House.

After Amodei objected vigorously to the charaterization, the Times followed up with a story saying the Nevada Republican “tiptoes” around the impeachment inquiry question.

“So what are you doing?” asked Fox host Neil Cavuto Monday. “Do you want the hearings to continue, or how would you explain it?”

“Fair question, Neil. What am I doing?” Amodei responded.

Amodei said what he thought he was doing Friday was having an interview with Nevada media outlets — an interview, Amodei added, he felt he “went well.”

“And then a few hours later I found we were for impeaching the president,” Amodei said, referring to the Times story. “And obviously the weekend has been kind of an exciting one for a guy from Nevada.”

Amodei went on to say he voted “along with everyone else in the House and Senate to follow regular order, to send the whistleblower thing to the two intelligence committees” to “see what the committees find out.”

The congressman also said that many members of Congress, from both parties, who have called for allowing the process go forward and “let’s see what it says.”

Reiterating remarks he made Friday, Amodei said the communication between Donald Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky needs to be put in “context.”

“First of all let me say he released it,” Amodei said, in praise of Trump. “It’s not like the old days, you know, of Watergate, when it’s like you know, you’ve got to fight and whatever.”

House committees have been wrestling with the Trump administration for months over the release of records and information in connection with several other ongoing investigations of the president’s actions, including but not limited to: obstructing Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign; and profiting from the hotel he operates in Washington D.C. in a building leased from the federal government.

Amodei’s Nevada colleague, Democratic Rep. Dina Titus, chairs the House subcommittee investigating Trump’s hotel lease. “Since President Trump has declined to divest from his businesses, he’s essentially acting as both the landlord and the tenant,” Titus said during a congressional hearing last week.

Meanwhile, the Fox personality who interviewed Amodei Monday is no stranger to the subject of impeachment. In 2012, Cavuto raised the possibility of impeaching then-President Barack Obama for making appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and National Labor Relations Board through “recess appointments” while Congress was not in session.

Hugh Jackson
Editor | Hugh Jackson was editor of the Las Vegas Business Press, senior editor at the Las Vegas CityLife weekly newspaper, daily political commentator on the Las Vegas NBC affiliate, and author of the Las Vegas Gleaner political blog. Prior to moving to Las Vegas, he was a reporter and editor at the Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune.


  1. Typical – fence sitter – he will go on CNN and say he is for it next. HOWEVER The Europeans complain about Russia, but do all sorts of deals, gas lines to Germany Italy – new car plant outside of Moscow, arms sales by Russia to Turkey etc. The won’t put their money were their mouth is.


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