Daily Current: Laxalt says he didn’t say what he said

By: - June 15, 2018 8:28 am

Just like the liberal media… Who does the media think they are? Reporting the exact words that came out of Adam Laxalt’s mouth? On camera? So unfair. AP

Leading the Current. Clark County public schools have to make budget cuts. Charter schools in Clark County don’t. April Corbin explains how charter schools are public schools except they’re different from public schools.

The carceral state. Prison populations are a symptom of systemic, collective societal failure. Maybe market forces will fix that! Though, weirdly, they haven’t yet. Meantime, the symptom itself must be treated. The Current’s Michael Lyle reports on a program designed to help released inmates navigate our carceral state without getting actually incarcerated again.

“Model union city.” That was the slogan for a Culinary union organizing campaign around the turn o’ the century. Remember? Anyway, the Caesars contract has been approved (AP). There are a still a bunch of smaller companies to bring on board, but the contract negotiation process between Culinary and the resort industry appears to be mostly moving along as expected/hoped. The positive influence of the Culinary on Nevada’s economy is routinely underappreciated by too many Nevadans, as is the fact that the Culinary has long been one of the most successful organized labor stories in the country. The slogan still fits.

Heller really wants Trump impeached. Specifically, his campaign really wants Democrats, including and especially Nevada Senate candidate Jacky Rosen, to say they want to impeach, because boy oh boy that would drive the Republican base to the polls in November. Democrats, including and especially Rosen, are not obliging. Now seems as good a time as any to remind readers that no matter how criminal, vile or incompetent the act, there is simply nothing, which is to say not anything at all, ever, that would prompt Dean Heller to support impeachment of Trump. In an earlier era, Republicans put country before party, and cared more about the public good than the survival of a president who was demonstrably unfit to serve. Whatever else Heller is, he is not Barry Goldwater.

World Cup. Jacky Rosen has an ad for that.

Good luck

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Hugh Jackson
Hugh Jackson

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