Daily Current: To protect and pimp; Bed bugs, ugh!; California is evil (yawn); guns aren’t

By: - June 6, 2018 8:15 am

This is normal. Judges, and cops, and pimps, and the FBI has been investigating Metro because cops and pimps, and there’s a whole back story of seedy tawdry sketchy behavior & characters, and seriously, WTF?!? (Aside: With the exception of George Knapp & KLAS, this whole bizarro world/underworld has been all but ignored by area media for years.) And now this: Details of pimps luring daughters of cops and judges into prostitution. Oh, and murders. There are also murders. Oy. Nevada Current

Out of sight, out of mind. Does society, you know, collectively, want to think about conditions in homeless and emergency shelters? “Um, no,” society collectively said. But one of the ways civilization sort of bumbles along is that there are some people who do care about things that everybody else doesn’t want to think about, and that’s how we get things like health and safety regulations in places like, well, homeless and emergency shelters. Except for when we don’t. Nevada Current

He shouldn’t have to be told to do this. Gov. Brian Sandoval’s position on gun law reform has always been pretty standard. For, oh, 1992 or so. But he’s a reasonable man (we know because the media always says so). It shouldn’t take a court case to get him to tell the FBI that yes, contrary to the base-pandering, thoughtless blather of Nevada Attorney General and Wannabe Career Politician Adam Laxalt, Nevada would in fact like the FBI to handle background checks, at the very least for the time being. Associated Press

Speaking of the man who hopes to be the first governor of Nevada whose home town is Alexandria, Virginia… If there’s one idea we can always count on Adam Laxalt to support, that idea is whatever Sheldon Adelson tells him it is. But if there’s another area in which we can trust Laxalt to never, ever waver, it is the proposition that California is evil, and Nevada must not become California. Dean Heller’s campaign is also deeply and truly in love with this “issue.” Nevada was founded by Californians, and from mining investment to the growth of tourism to Tesla, Nevada’s economy has depended on California ever since. Well, campaigns are no time for facts, commodities in which neither Heller nor Laxalt are heavily invested in any case. But since they’ve decided that the single most important issue in the Nevada 2018 campaign cycle is California, it is perhaps worthwhile to note that the state held its primary election yesterday. They’re still counting votes in spots but for now it looks like each of those congressional districts will have at least one Democrat who will survive the state’s jungle primary thing and be on the general election ballot, which is important if you’re among those who think the world would be a slightly better place if Democrats controlled the U.S. House of Representatives. Capital Public Radio

One mean state. A couple days ago your Daily Current didn’t even exist yet (can you imagine?), but a story was published in The Indy that should be brought to your attention. It’s how the state of Nevada will refuse to help people who own, say, a 2010 Versa, because obviously that means they’re too rich.

Good luck!


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