Filing closes for Las Vegas Mayor, Council candidates

    Las Vegas City Hall
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    Filing is officially closed for Las Vegas municipal elections.  Here’s a rundown of the candidates.

    Candidates for Mayor (elected at-large)

    Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is hoping to serve a third term, matching her husband’s term in office and bringing the Goodman reign at Las Vegas City Hall to 24 years.

    Tina Rane Alexander is a life coach, according to her website.  She’s also involved in a women’s ministry to serve prostitutes and feed the homeless.

    Phil Collins is a veteran of the Navy, according to his website, and was active in Illinois politics before moving to Las Vegas.

    Zachary Krueger is associated with a corporation called The Cannabis Guide, however he does not live within the city limits, rendering him ineligible to run for mayor.

    Candidate Mack Miller says he wants to put back the “United” in States of America.  His website boasts an endorsement from Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

    Vance “Stretch” Sanders is a civil rights activist and reverend.

    Jack L. Schofield Jr. did not respond to Current’s request for comment. 

    Ward One Candidates

    Robert Blakely says he has more experience than any candidate in the race.  He served on the Nevada Board of Regents and is currently a member of the State Board of Education.

    Drew P. Dondero is the former vice-president of operations at the D Hotel in downtown Las Vegas. He is the owner and operator of Imperial Auto and Truck Center. 

    Amy Emanuel is a commercial property manager.  Her website includes a variety of proposals, including an idea to spur redevelopment via tax incentives she says are part of President Donald Trump’s tax plan.

    Emanuel says she’s opposed to short-term rentals in “condos, gated communities and ungated communities” but she believes property owner rights should prevail when it comes to disputes such as the effort to develop the former Badlands Golf Course.

    She opposes efforts to increase the minimum wage, given the glut of jobs currently available.

    Jesse “Jake” Holder is a former Navy Lieutenant Commander and state assembly candidate who was ruled ineligible for that race by a judge because of residency requirements.  He also ran for Congress.

    Brian Knudsen is a former city employee.  His website says he’s interested in improving education.  He says his son’s experience at University Medical Center prompted his support for a Children’s Hospital in the city’s medical district. 

    “Our son was waiting in line for an MRI with 80 year-old patients with dementia.  It wasn’t appropriate for my son or them,” he says.

    Dean Lauer, another Ward One candidate, is a former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer, where he says he worked until 1999. He was also the Deputy Chief of the Las Vegas Township Constable’s office. 

    Dave Marlon says he quit his job as a drug and alcohol recovery executive because of his calling to run for city council.  Marlon has declined to be interviewed about a number of wrongful death lawsuits involving his former company Solutions Recovery, or its parent company, American Addiction Centers.  The Current has also obtained court documents disputing Marlon’s account of a domestic violence incident involving his former wife. 

    Robin Munier’s website says she’s a fifteen-year veteran of the city, where she works as an assistant to current Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian. Munier says she’s most proud of her relationships with neighborhood alliances. 

    Sherman Ray is a Las Vegas business owner.  His website says “the mismanagement of our city government has gone on for too long.” Ray says he prides himself on his lack of ties to special interests and the fact he’s not a politician.

    Margarita V. Rebollal also entered the Ward One race late Friday afternoon.

    Ward Three Candidates

    Aaron Bautista says he’s a native Las Vegan who has lived in Ward 3 his entire life.  Bautista says he recently worked with Help of Southern Nevada on homeless initiatives and found it to be an “eye-opening and rewarding experience.” His website is

    Melissa Clary’s website says she’s running for City Council “to foster change on behalf of those with limited access to safe, livable communities and economic opportunities.”  She is a former employee of the City of Las Vegas.

    George Mingo Collaso is a Las Vegas restaurant owner.

    Olivia Diaz is a state assemblywoman who is seeking a seat on the City Council.  Among the priorities listed on her website are homelessness, affordable housing and redevelopment.

    Ruben Kiheun is a former Congressman who did not seek re-election after former staffers leveled allegations of sexual assault, which were investigated and substantiated by a congressional probe.  His website can be found at

    David Lopez says he’s a native of Las Vegas and Ward 3.  His website says he’ll work to restore faith in local government.

    Shawn Mooneyham is a native Las Vegan who says he loves the revitalization of downtown and wants it to grow.  He’s a veteran volunteer of a number of political campaigns and worked on behalf of both Mayors Goodman. 

    Ward Five Candidates

    Cedric Crear is a former Nevada Regent who won a special election last year to fill the Ward 5 city council seat vacated by Ricki Barlow.  His website says he’s endorsed by former Governor Brian Sandoval, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and a variety of labor organizations.

    Henry “Hen-Hen” Thorns is challenging Crear for the Ward 5 seat as is Derek Washington, a community activist.


    Dana Gentry
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    1. thanks for this article. I’m glad you included candidates web sites as far as you were able! This has helped me to get to know the candidates better and make a more informed decision as I prepare to vote!

    2. Thanks so much. It’s ridiculously hard to find information on some of these people. Especially the ones with famous names.


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