Horsford joins activists in support of federal funding for parks

Rep. Steven Horsford joins conservationists in support of federal funding for parks at Kiel Ranch Historic Park.
Rep. Steven Horsford joins conservationists in support of federal funding for parks at Kiel Ranch Historic Park.

Wednesday Rep. Steven Horsford, along with Nevada conservation activists and community organizations, highlighted the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) at Kiel Ranch Historic Park.

The park was restored with the help of a $121,000 grant from the LWCF, an example of the fund directly benefiting the North Las Vegas community, Horsford said.

Horsford called the LWCF “one of the most important conservation funds America has ever offered” and vowed to protect funding for the program in Nevada.

The Natural Resources Management Act, a bipartisan public lands bill that preserves 1.3 million acres of wilderness, permanently reauthorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Nevada has received $40 million in state assistance grants from the LWCF which has benefited Sunset Park and the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, and another $60 million to bolster federal public lands throughout the state. 

As a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources Horsford supported LWCF and voted to pass the Natural Resources Management Act to reauthorize the LWCF with full, dedicated funding.

However, now that LWCF has been permanently authorized, Horsford said, Congress and the president must pass funding to ensure the program is given the money it is authorized to receive.

“I hope the president and Senate accept our proposal to provide robust funding for the LWCF and vote to give communities the resources they need to continue to conserve and protect their land and parks,” Horsford said.

The LWCF, which is funded through small fees on offshore oil and gas leases, “is a crucial program that provides significant funding to communities… especially those who are under served, and empowers states and local governments to restore and invest in there parks and public lands,” Horsford said.

During the press conference, Horsford also spoke against Yucca Mountain and praised The House Appropriations Committee for voting down a Republican amendment that would have provided funding to continue the licensing process for the planned federal repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.

Jeniffer Solis
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