Laxalt family members campaign for Sisolak

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak surrounded by members of his opponent's family. Photo credit: Sisolak for Governor
Gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak surrounded by members of his opponent’s family. Photo credit: Sisolak for Governor

It’s not as awkward as Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar’s siblings publicly turning on their brother, but Nevada has its own version of Political Family Feud featuring the Laxalt family.

Dr. Kevin Marie Laxalt is the daughter of former Nevada governor and U.S. Sen. Paul Laxalt.  Her nephew, Adam Laxalt, is running for governor, but Dr. Laxalt is supporting his opponent, Steve Sisolak.  In a short video, Dr. Laxalt praises Sisolak but doesn’t mention her nephew.  

Adam Laxalt’s cousin, Monique, who says she speaks for herself, her sister, Dr. Kristen Laxalt, “as well as several other members of the Laxalt family,” takes off the gloves in another video for Sisolak.

“We believe that he came from Washington, where he grew up, to Nevada for the sole purpose of using the family name to pursue a political career which would allow him to eventually return to Washington as one of Washington’s most elite,” Monique Laxalt says of her cousin, Adam.  “We do not believe he came to Nevada based on any true connection to or interest in this state.”

“Four years ago he proceeded to capitalize on our family name to get himself elected as attorney general of this state. In the position of attorney general he has effectively spat in the face of one of the finest governors Nevada has ever had,” Monique Laxalt says in a reference to Brian Sandoval, who declined to endorse the Republican candidate. “He has pursued the extreme positions of the ultra-rich donors who are now sponsoring his candidacy, who have little or no concern for the well being of the hardworking people of this great state.”

Laxalt’s campaign does not respond to requests for comment from the Current.   

Dana Gentry
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  1. What kind of sick family dynamics are at work when families turn on another member like this? Disappointing. It sure sealed my vote for Laxalt.


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