Magical Elon Musk now bored with mere Muggle money

musk tesla sandoval heller
Technoking and courtiers in 2014. (Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images)
musk tesla sandoval heller
Technoking and courtiers in 2014. (Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images)

“Technoking.” That is now a word that Elon Musk has added to his title, because of course he has. When he’s not yammering on like a teenage boy about creating an atmosphere on Mars by nuking the hell out of it (sigh), he’s yammering on like, well, a teenage boy about bitcoin. With which you can now buy a Tesla, Musk has announced.

As the NYT explains, enthusiasm for bitcoin, the creation of which uses absurd amounts of energy, seems a tad incongruous for a billionaire who fancies himself to be all climate-woke. But then, along with “Technoking,” Musk’s title also includes “Caricature of Bond Villain.”

Musk says he will be hoarding the magic bitcoin people give him in exchange for his magic cars, rather than trading it for mere Muggle money. Will Tesla give people billions of dollars worth of cars in exchange for bitcoin but then the value of bitcoin will collapse and Musk will be ruined? Perhaps someone somewhere cares.

Rodimer steps in it. I wrote one and only one column about flimflam man, professional violent person and oaf “Big Dan” Rodimer, and at the time asserted my hope that no further columns would be necessary. This truly juvenile and asinine ad of the now-Texan’s new congressional campaign is tempting. But Rodimer is Texas’s problem, for this campaign cycle anyway, so I’m going to resist.

Sandoval & Medicaid. Former Gov. Brian Sandoval, you will recall, was the first (and for quite a spell the only, if memory serves) Republican governor to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. The politics “were not as complicated as one would think,” because Nevada had always been horrible at health care coverage and needed whatever help it could get (I’m paraphrasing but not much really), Sandoval told AP for a story observing the 10th anniversary of the ACA.

A fun side note: Former Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison is reportedly considering a run for governor. The most high-profile act of Hutchison’s public career of course had nothing to do with being the lieutenant governor of Nevada. Nothing ever has anything to do with that. No, the most high-profile act of Hutchison’s career in the public sphere was suing to destroy the ACA. It should be fun to watch him touting that on the campaign trail.

American exceptionalism. For most of this nation’s history the Second Amendment was neglected, dismissed as an 18th century relic, especially after national guards effectively replaced militias and the amendment, as one historian put it, “fell silent.” Robert Bork – Robert Bork! – held that it did not grant an individual right to bear arms, an interpretation in keeping with common, long-held constitutional scholarship.

But in recent decades, in not only a powerful example of how the Constitution is a living document, but also a malign manipulation of original intent, things changed. The Supreme Court even determined the Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with, as the founders wrote, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,” but instead means pretty much whatever the weapons industry and weapons worshipers say it means. And the U.S., whatever else it is, is home to several mass shootings each year.

Taxation without representation. To reiterate, if the District of Columbia was a state, nobody would care what Joe Manchin thinks about anything.

The House Oversight Committee this week held a hearing on D.C. statehood. I couldn’t watch but presumably there was a lot of talk about … Wyoming! Ha ha. Because it only has eleven people in it but two of them are U.S. Senators.

Just kidding. Wyoming has (looks at google) 578,000 people, and the district has 693,000. But! There’s a big difference. Wyoming is full of aging white men salt-of-the-earth hard working real Americans bitterly clinging to their guns as their always precarious extraction-based economy continues to evaporate before their very eyes. D.C.’s diverse population, by contrast, includes many people, especially women, of color who work in the 21st century service industry, and if the white male god who loves America most wanted those women and their families to be represented by two U.S. senators and a voting member of the House of Representatives he would have told the holy sacred founders when the skies opened up and the angels sang and the lord delivered unto us the Constitution, amirite?

Some of you will recall the House passed a bill to make D.C. a state for the very first time ever in the last Congress, and then of course it got McConnelled.

The same thing will happen to the bill the House will pass this year as long as the filibuster is around to protect that most honored of American institutions, white male fragility.

Sam Boyd Stadium? That’s where UNLV intends to hold in-person commencement ceremonies this year. Makes sense. No doubt the last thing the NFL wants to do is let the public start getting some wild-eyed idea that Mid-Air Engine Failure Field is in any way whatsoever a community resource.

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