MGM layoffs “a bloodbath,” not confined to management

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Contrary to widespread news reports, the 254 employees who lost their jobs with MGM Resorts International Thursday were not confined to management, but rather extended to entry-level workers.

“It was a bloodbath,” says one terminated employee who asked not to be identified.  “I waited six hours to find out I’d been fired. They walked around pointing people out. Everyone was crying.  Some of those laid off didn’t even bother cleaning out their desks.”

“I can’t speak for the whole company but in my department of 42 people there are 15 left,” the former employee said. “One vice-president accepted voluntary severance.  Three directors and five managers were terminated. The rest were all communications and events specialists and video team specialists.”

“My team was the first to go,” said a former employee from the Social Customer Care Team who also asked not to be identified. “My entire team of four specialists was let go.  Our entire adjacent team of four Social Resolution specialists and managers was let go.  I know of two social media strategists from the Engagement team who were let go.  I also know of at least three administrative people who were let go, including a front desk worker.”

The company’s Learning and Development staff, which trains employees, is down to two workers, according to the former employee.

The former employee says all of those terminated Thursday received a minimum severance of one month’s pay.

The company intends to cut three percent of its workforce, with the “vast majority” of the layoffs in Las Vegas as part of MGM 2020, a cost-cutting initiative designed to increase the company’s financial position as it ventures into Japan and a potential $15.9 billion market.

In November, chairman and CEO Jim Murren told Nikkei Asian Review that MGM intends to invest “billions of dollars” in a Japanese resort.

The company did not respond to a request for comment Friday.

MGM is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Monday.

Dana Gentry
Senior Reporter | Dana Gentry is a native Las Vegan and award-winning investigative journalist. She is a graduate of Bishop Gorman High School and holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Gentry began her career in broadcasting as an intern at Channel 8, KLAS-TV. She later became a reporter at Channel 8, working with Las Vegas TV news legends Bob Stoldal and the late Ned Day. Gentry left her reporting job in 1985 to focus on motherhood. She returned to TV news in 2001 to launch "Face to Face with Jon Ralston" and the weekly business programs In Business Las Vegas and Vegas Inc, which she co-anchored with Jeff Gillan. Dana has four adult children, a grandson, three dogs, three cats and a cockatoo named Casper.


  1. Good job, Dana!! Great the way you pointed out that MGM is taking jobs from the U.S. (and the financial impact from all that those paychecks buy) to spend BILLIONS in Japan!
    P.S. Was a big fan of the RALSTON REPORT.

  2. MGM Blood Bath
    I feel so sorry for MGM. They REALLY need to keep those billion dollars profits up by ruining everyone’s life. They got rid of teamsters Valet and Bell Captains and ruined their lives, then tried to sue Oct 1 victims, now are terminating employees who clean their effing toilets, just to keep stock high. If the old mafia was still running things they would kill these executives off (to my amusement). These type executives almost put Sheldon Adelson in BK, but he was smart enough to fire them and go back to the old way of business. That is why HE is 5 Star! I hope these executives get cancer. Yep, I said it. And better yet, I mean it! I hope they get cruel brain cancer and their pee brains rot. Let me tell you how I really feel. Jimmy, I hope the devil comes for you and takes Sandoval and Reid with you. I care more about the $15 an hour worker than I do those POS. “In November, chairman and CEO Jim Murren told Nikkei Asian Review that MGM intends to invest “billions of dollars” in a Japanese resort.” I hope the Yakuza takes your property and threatens to kill your children if you fight it. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  3. OMGM! My parents pushed me to have a good work ethic. It seems that a good management ethic is just as important. I have not had a favorable opinion of MGM since they started charging for parking and participated in resort fees. Treating their employees in this manner is extremely disrespectful. MGM should develop a better management ethic. Eric Foemmel

  4. Murren the CEO of MGM Resorts absolutely needs to be fired. Murren’s answer to growing the MGM revenues is to go around firing people. A 12 year-old kid could do that. Zero leadership skills required. MGM needs a leader, a visionary (like Steve Wynn) who comes up with IDEAS, innovations, and new ways to grow revenue. Firing hundreds of people is a cowardly act on Murren’s part, and shows he is desperate to save his own job, and he has no ideas or leadership. Too many fake CEO’s like him are around right now.

  5. MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL are making a name for themselves SLUMLORD EMPLOYERS TO EMPLOYEES OF THE USA We had had to work with broken equipment for many years. They put bandaids on everything never fix the problem They spend money on new purchased properties and don’t look back very lax in upkeeping existing properties.
    For 7 years raises were 1% many employees received 13 cents for 7 yrs in a row and then nothing the year after that. The next year they started with a 2%. They never keep up with the cost of living. They want the employees to donate every month on top of monies coming out of employees pay for charity example each month has a theme. Food drive blood drive,school supplies, adopt a family during Christmas, bake sale, donate to the foundation etc. Take take take from employees and never give back No lavish Christmas gifts just a party when your on your lunch break if it lands on your day off then you miss out at one time they gave $20 gift certificate to Smiths I can’t imagine anyone wanting to work for this company in the future knowing their track record of no job security. They have done these job eliminating and layoffs before but this time it is to the extreme

  6. How about Jim Murren takes a paycut so these families can keep their jobs and afford to survive. He’s the slimiest, greediest, worst one of them all. I’m sure you felt real bad about throwing 200+ people on their asses with a measly one month severance you POS.

  7. A corporate structure that has a specific goal in mind regardless of who it affects. We have felt that for the last 2+ years with the lack of oversight for management at MGM national harbor.
    MGM has been worse to work for than caesars was WHILE THEY WERE GOING THRU BANKRUPTCY!

  8. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THIS NEW ITEM: Former Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is joining casino giant MGM Resorts International to help push the company’s global expansion efforts, particularly in Japan, and work on state-level public policy related to sports betting.

  9. Dana Gentry with the truth. Real journalist!
    Yeah every Director of Wine is gone as well.
    *Resort fees on top of parking fees
    *Suing the shooting VICTIMS of MGM
    *Bloodbath cut to the bone firings.

    Let’s get #fireMurren trending.
    Catfaced 💩

  10. When I worked their and was walking thru the hall ways going on a break and mr. murren would be walking towards me he was always very pleasant and always asked me if everything was ok. I would say he was very nice and very polite.

  11. My pregnant wife (in an entry level position) was one of those employees let go in that “blood bath”. Now we are without insurance and wondering who is going to hire her while she is pregnant…. shame on MGM and its executives. They should be the ones cut. How does cutting entry level positions move the needle? MGM Resorts has turned into the joke of hospitality. It’s no longer about providing service but how can we milk every last dollar out of our guests…..

  12. I used to spend a few days every summer at the mgm and signature. That stopped when they started to charge parking and resort fees so high that they in themselves could pay for a hotel.
    They are greedy , nothing more and if I were to give them my business, that makes me no better than them.

  13. Funny how they are going to invest in the Japanese market but cut the high level executives that bring money from that market. It’s also amazing to see how the corporate side of the company expanded to the point where they had more employees than NYNY or other properties. Very disappointing to see so many people being let go that carry a vast amount of knowledge in this market. Very sad times, I pray for everyone that is affected by this. I bet once everything is said and done with he will give himself another raise, more stock options and a multi-million dollar bonus. Terry Lanni and Kirk Kerkorian must be rolling in their graves. The CEO position should’ve been given to Bobby Baldwin not Murren, that’s my honest opinion.

  14. I saw this exact thing at Hard Rock. They cut half of the warehouse workers randomly one day. Morale plumeted. Everyone was in tears. Those people knew each other for a decade. The vibe of the place changed. Customers just didn’t come back. It went from packed on Friday night to bankrupt and it all started with “staff trimming” I swear.

  15. Wow! Čutting the “fat” is tough. MGM is bloated with too much mid level employees. The dealers work for minimum wages but split there tips as their salaries. Business is off, nothing they can do. MGM is going world wide now. Mr. Murren has the uncomfortable job of cutting the “Fat”.

  16. It’s so sad I am a real good VIP from MGM and all of this is not good my 2 VIP lady’s got fire our cocktail lady for over 20 years got fired what’s going on our Las Vegas people need support and prayers all this meeds to stop 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • According to the Culinary Union, no members were fired, so it’s highly unlikely your cocktail waitress was terminated. Thanks for reading.

  17. I watched this happen at Resorts Intl. in Atlantic City many moons ago. Last in first out policy. Nothing that the rank and file can do. A.C. was headed downhill, so staff cuts were the price were the solution. Sad, now A.C. is trying to reopen again but it looks like a hard road. The Borgota casino off the so called A.C. strip seems to be the only winner. Good luck my old and new casino friends. Nothing you can do.

  18. I see a lot of departments that don’t really need that many workers and other departments that need more workers, JIM MURREN is waking up every department to produce a better PRODUCT.

    • Layoffs are never easy…from the automobile industry, to the tech giants to banking…I agree with you JOHN RAMPEY. For those you are still standing, maybe, just maybe we need to trim the “fat” in our own personal lives, to produce a better product…i.e. attitude. Name calling and complaining never work.

  19. Sometimes you need to wake up the work force , people get set in a routine that isn’t best for the company or any other company, the main gool in a company is to make a PROFIT to stay a float, so this a wake up call and it’s working…..

  20. Sad days there going to cut a thousand jobs how can you be one of the states bigest employers laying people off when times are good that tells you bad management at top not bottom

  21. MGM is an important Nevada corporation and if the entire State will benefit from a booming and limber MGM, well-diversified internationally and with investor confidence, shouldn’t there be a bounty of opportunities in the hot economy we are riding? KNPR’s State of Nevada points out that MGM has an administrative budget that is three times the size of the next nearest competitor at 300 million dollars per year. If MGM doesn’t need 40 social resolution experts and a dozen social media strategists who were non-union, how is the State, Union, or Company better off by carrying less-productive functions?

  22. What happened to the big tax cuts given by the dictator to help keep jobs? Big corporations live off of the backs of working class Americans then are thrown away like trash. The good thing is I heard the Cosmopolitan is selling jobs for $10k a pop.

  23. If they didn’t waste millions of dollars on a WNBA team which is just a status symbol and which they lose money each year of play then maybe they didn’t have to ruin hundreds of lives !

  24. None of the board members have lost any money. The best they can come up with is cutting jobs to save that money as opposed to coming up with new ideas to create cash flow. It is ridiculous. They are all just too greedy at the top. Resort fees thru the roof, paying to park, automated bar dispensing machines and the list goes on. Those are peoples lives that you have just ruined. I am sure you have plenty of money to live off your entire life already but now you have just ruined it for 1000 people and potentially more. Shame on you and shame on the board!!!!!

  25. By the end of 2019, there’s an estimated 2300 MGM employees will be gone. They sent out a letter at the end of last year stating they were letting go of 3% of their workforce to increase profit margins..blah, blah, blah…My whole department is sitting here on pincushions because nobody will tell us anything. THEN on top of it, they’re still hiring management positions here….why? Mr. Murren, take a pay cut and GTFO!!!

  26. I got fired from a job a few years ago. Did good work, advanced my company efforts in measurable ways, but still got axed for no good reason. That’s just how the private sector goes. You want a job for life, go work for the government, or build your own biz. I started building my own biz a few months before I was fired (had a sense I worked with some sociopaths and got ready for a bad ending). Thank God I did, and that I was able to get going fairly quickly.

    I wish all those who’s lives got hit hard the best. For the rest of you, prep now. Keep your rez updated, be active on LinkedIn, do some consulting, etc. etc. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

  27. Whether or not administrative and managerial positions were relevant isn’t my concern. To me the comments just show how terrible the City economy is being ran and monitored by various Executives, Union Bosses and Politicians. Gotta love the Globalists and The establishment. The cuts should reduce some staged and unnecessary drama for employees. The classic December HR visit. The Bartenders Union is avoiding workers like the plague or trying really hard to get turn over of full timers. It’s a reset of everything. Youngins, all part time to increase dues revenue and cut health cost. The rest is for stock holders benefit. Democrat plantation. Make the masses dependent to form a Monopoly. Too high wages, over taxed more than ever, understaffed, reduced hours. All the staged Union assistance. They’re like an infomercial and time share seminar. Bartenders will be absorbed in the future. BU is taking it down on the way out. Desperate Managers staging disciplines as attempt to survive. The drama is over kill. Yeah! That’s a great job!. A+ leadership. Damn shame. I’ve made $300 this year after nearly 2 decades of working my ass off. No insurance, several medical problems. Sad waste of youth and dedication. 24 year old managers are the worst idea ever. Bean counting always fails. The money schemes are over kill.

  28. The problem is the corporation not only allows but encourages favoritism. People who never should have been put in high positions are because of who they know,

  29. My position eliminated after 18 yrs. with company. Completely ruined my life. Only able to find part time work. Not even enough to make mortgage payment. Don’t know what I am going to do.I hope execs who laid me off are included in this round of cuts.

  30. When MGM took over it was the saddest day ever.everything went to could give this company many year’s of loyal service and they turn around and say bye without so much as a thx.the company is full of bullshit managers and corporate assholes who don’t give a damn about employees.hope they all end up with anal cancer.

  31. Worked for MGM for 8 years and had the utmost respect for Mr Lanni. He drove himself to work everyday and wanted everyone to call him Terry ! Murren has to be picked up by armed gaurds because he’s so hated. I quit after he took over. They chased him out of Wall St. I was told by friends on Wall St that as long as Murren ran MGM the stock would stay low. He’s definitely not a liked person. Grow a set Murren and drive yourself to work. Terry surely is turning in his grave knowing he turned the reigns over to you !!! I was here in the 70s when the mob ran this town and it was 100 times better than these corporate assholes running these companies


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