NV Republicans get into he said-he said over what she said

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore (Facebook profile photo).
Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore (Facebook profile photo).

The Nevada Republican Party says the Clark County party, not the state apparatus, is “stonewalling” an investigation into alleged racially-charged remarks attributed to Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore.  

According to named and unnamed sources, in a speech at the County convention last weekend, Fiore made comments about affirmative action and noted that as a woman with equal qualifications for a job, she should not lose out to “someone’s black ass.”  

“There was a small amount of applause,” said one attendee who asked not to be named and noted her daughter is married to a Black man. “But there were a lot of gasps.”

“We reached out to the Clark County Republican Party when we were provided with information that they had a source with video of her (Fiore’s) remarks,” Jessica Hanson, spokeswoman for the Nevada Republican Party said in an interview. Hanson says she was also told the county party had statements from witnesses.

“They said they’d provide me with a list of people who made those statements,” Hanson said.  “They have refused to turn it over or give contact information for the people.” 

“I think it’s unfortunate at this point it’s their staff that is stonewalling the investigation,” Hanson said of the Clark County Republicans.

“Never asked me,” county chair David Sajdak said of the state party. On Tuesday, Sajdak accused the state party of stonewalling. 

Hanson says she attended the convention but “was not in the room when the remarks were made.” 

Hanson declined to comment on what the investigation has revealed thus far.  

“I don’t want to get into our active investigation. It’s not a smokescreen. They have refused to share information, refused to turn over video, and it’s unfortunate they are stonewalling the investigation,” she said.

On Tuesday, the Clark County organization said it is contemplating an attempt to oust Fiore as National Committeewoman at the state convention this weekend.

Dana Gentry
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