Opponent challenges LV Council candidate’s residency

The rental home on Merritt Avenue in Ward One that Marlon says is his residence. Facebook.

Las Vegas City Council candidate David Marlon says he lives in a rented home behind Palace Station, within the confines of Ward One, which he hopes to represent.  

But on Sunday, Marlon answered when called by the Current at the code posted next to his name at the security gate at a community near Bermuda and Wigwam in unincorporated Clark County and far from Ward One and the city limits.  

and not in ward 1
383 Wooden Gate Ave, near Bermuda and Wigwam.

When informed this reporter was at the gate, Marlon denied living in the secured community.

“I don’t have a gate.  I live at 3001 Merritt,” he said, referring to the rented property in Ward One.   

Marlon did not answer the door at the 383 Wooden Gate address, but a dog resembling the French Bulldog featured in his social media photos greeted the Current at the door.  

Dave Marlon with French Bulldog. Facebook.

“Dave Marlon has lived in Vegas for 30+ years, 5 years in the Ward, 90 days in his current home, with his 2 dogs,” campaign spokesman Mark Fierro told the Current via text message earlier this week.  “His R.J. (Las Vegas Review-Journal) comes there. His drivers license says so, his voter registration says so.”

But consultant Lisa Mayo De Riso of First Tuesday, who represents Sherman Ray, one of Marlon’s opponents in the Ward One race, is asking the Secretary of State’s office to disqualify Marlon from the race because she says he doesn’t reside in the rented home in a legal sense.

Marlon’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment regarding the complaint.

“Large campaign posters are on the walls and windows. There are no draperies in several of the front windows,” says the complaint. “People appear to walk directly into the home/office without knocking.”

The rental home on Merritt Avenue in Ward One that Marlon says is his residence. Facebook.

A Supreme Court ruling cited in the complaint filed by Mayo De Riso says legal domicile “requires the fact that the candidate lives in the place and intends to remain there permanently.”

In October 2017, Marlon purchased the home on Wooden Gate for $650,000, according to Clark County Assessor’s records.  

In March of 2018, a trust associated with Marlon sold his Ward One home at 1509 Canyon Ledge Court for $730,000, according to Clark County Assessor’s records.  

On February 19, Marlon quit claimed the Wooden Gate property, first to In God We Trust, of which Marlon is a trustee according to public records,  and then to CMA Industries, LLC, a company located at a West Charleston address used by Marlon.

City of Las Vegas council candidate Dave Marlon in a campaign photo with his son and wife, taken at the home he claims not to live in outside Ward One.

Fierro declined to say how Marlon came to answer the call from the security gate at the Wooden Gate property he owns.

Dana Gentry
Reporter | Dana Gentry is a native Las Vegan and award-winning investigative journalist. She is a graduate of Bishop Gorman High School and holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Gentry began her career in broadcasting as an intern at Channel 8, KLAS-TV. She later became a reporter at Channel 8, working with Las Vegas TV news legends Bob Stoldal and the late Ned Day. Gentry left her reporting job in 1985 to focus on motherhood. She returned to TV news in 2001 to launch "Face to Face with Jon Ralston" and the weekly business programs In Business Las Vegas and Vegas Inc, which she co-anchored with Jeff Gillan. Dana is the mother of four adult children, three cats, three dogs and a cockatoo.


  1. I was standing next to Dave, his French bulldog and his wife on Sunday when the gate forward your call to his mobile phone. He told you his address and invited you to come over. We waited for you. You never showed. Why not? Standing offer you to go knock on his door. No need to keep spreading lies Dana.

    • If he invited me over I missed it. Apologies. Happy to come for an interview whenever you’d like. Name the time. Thanks!

  2. Dave, you sir are a delight dude! Funny too! The very thought that Mrs Marlon would ever step foot into, much less lay her head down anywhere any nearby and squatting in that house vermin might scamper by, is very entertaining to consider! A Jewish-American woman with no draperies here in Las Vegastan? It’s like you two are living in a kibbutz or something over there, huh?

    But tying it all up nicely and bringing home the back fat bacon for me in this flaming, burning wreckage of a Norman Rockwell portrait you’re selling to voters, is your Jr standing there and seemingly asking WHY you two are torturing him so much by making him take part in this picture! I submit that Mark may be lovely and all, but I can make your Junior MAYOR just for his winning the 2019 ‘Please God, Anywhere but Here, Dammit! campaign photo award! Remember too that regardless you call Metro about the rats and even though that lovely mint green 1972 aluminum siding is a top selling point to loot the place for our robust Shopping Cart Warrior Beer Can Collector Corps homeless guys, your Junior will be the guy choosing YOUR Nevada substandard nursing home one day soon!


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