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Parent companies of LV hospitals sue Trump effort at price transparency

The parent companies of ten hospitals in Southern Nevada are suing the Trump administration in an effort to keep their pricing schemes secret.   Universal Health...
supreme court

NV among states urging Supreme Court to reject Louisiana abortion restrictions

WASHINGTON – Nevada and 20 other states are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down a Louisiana law that critics argue places an...

Abuse of power, bribery, obstruction: Democrats’ impeachment plan takes shape

WASHINGTON — U.S. House Democrats are laying out their framework for articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.  As the House Judiciary Committee held its...
be careful out there

Workplace injuries in U.S. down again, except in retail

Working retail can be a dangerous job. Retail trade was one of only 19 industries where workplace injuries and illnesses went up in the U.S....

Failed to cancel those so-called free trial subscriptions? You’re not alone

$7.99 to Amazon.  $19.99 to the Wall Street Journal.  Another $9.99 to Amazon.   Those are just a sampling of charges for so-called free trial subscriptions...

Steve Wynn remains cheerleader for Raiders move to LV

Nevada gaming regulators may be trying to figuratively take away Steve Wynn’s keys to Sin City, but that hasn’t soured Wynn on the gaming...

Ford settles with T-Mobile, withdraws from lawsuit

Nevada is the latest state to pull out of a lawsuit to stop a $26.5 billion merger between Sprint and T-Mobile.  Seventeen attorneys general were...

Foundations of gaming legends to fund UNLV medical school building

Private donations of $155 million, mostly from the Engelstad Foundation and the Lincy Foundation, will fund construction of UNLV’s medical school building.   The Engelstad Foundation...

Labor steps up pressure on American Airlines, catering companies

Airline catering employees at 17 U.S. airports, including McCarran International in Las Vegas, are demonstrating this week demanding American Airlines pressure its catering companies...
rooftop solar

Study examines how people of color get stuck with higher energy bills

Neighborhoods with more people of color spend a much larger percentage of their income on energy bills than the average white family, according to...


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