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heller vid shot

Democratic PAC challenges Heller campaign’s right to exist

Dean Heller's has been operating a campaign operation without a license for 5 years, "raising questions about whether his campaign is authorized to exist...
geo thermal

Geothermal industry comes out against Question 3

The Geothermal Resources Council Policy Committee, an industry association that advocates for public policies that will promote the development and utilization of geothermal resources,...
money bail

California ends cash bail (Nevada doesn’t)

It took 40 years, but California finally ended its cash bail system after Gov. Jerry Brown signed a reform bill Aug. 28.“Today, California...
material hardship

Report measures material hardships among working adults

As of May, 660,000 Nevadans were on Medicaid, most of them mothers and children, or the aged, blind and disabled.In 2016, a monthly average...

Nevada ranks as fifth most golfy state, sort of

Nevada has the fifth-highest golf industry location quotient in the U.S., the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced this week.Right. What's that mean?"Location quotient" the...
Sandolak? Sisoval?

Sandolak? Sisoval?

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval may not endorse Democratic candidate for governor Steve Sisolak, but Sisolak is endorsing Sandoval's agenda.Sisolak released a pair of ads...

Diversity intensifies preexisting segregation; Las Vegas stands out

A University of Minnesota researcher this week compiled some statistics on the increasing segregation of U.S. cities between 2000 and 2016, and Las Vegas...

NLRB tells Station to start talking

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has filed complaints against both Palms Casino and Green Valley Ranch Resort alleging that they have “been failing...
NV Dept of Corrections

Shipped to Arizona, Nevada inmates launch hunger strike

Multiple Nevada Department Correction inmates housed at an Arizona facility began a hunger strike this week. Though it coincides with the Nationwide Prison Strike...
burn baby burn

Trump’s plan to boost coal will hurt Nevada, groups warn

Nevada conservationists joined the chorus of critics nationwide and blasted the Trump administration's plan to boost output at coal-burning power plants.Trump moved formally Tuesday...


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