Paper ballots and processing hubs: NV Dems’ dole out some caucus details

(Nevada Current file photo)
(Nevada Current file photo)

Early voters will use paper ballots.

Beyond that, it gets a little more complicated, according to a memo sent out by the Nevada Democratic Party:

  • Voters will check-in with volunteers using a PDF voter roll pre-loaded onto
    party-purchased iPads provided to site leads.
  • If a voter is not registered as a Democrat or needs to update their voter
    registration, they can do so at their early vote location.
  • Participants will be given a voter card with a pre-generated number (called a
    “voter PIN”). The voter card will also include their Secretary of State ID number
    provided from the voter roll that will help connect voters to their home precinct.
  • Voters will be instructed to enter the information on their voter card into a
    Check-In Form (via Google Form) as an additional method to track participants
    and streamline data collection. Paper sign-in sheets will be available if needed.

There will also be “ballot processing hubs,” where early voting ballots will be delivered for scanning at the end of each day — early voting is Saturday, Feb. 15 through Tuesday Feb. 18 (you can find locations here). “A clear chain of custody outlined on the ballot box — from the time the ballot box leaves NV Dems HQ to the time it is dropped off at their designated hub — will be documented, according to the memo.

Also, “Campaigns will receive early vote data regarding who has voted early but not
results of the vote.”