Reminder: Changes to SNAP begin July 1

grocery store

grocery store

In an effort to lessen the strain on food pantries and grocery stores, Nevada will begin staggering the issuance of Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits over the course of 10 days. The change was announced earlier this year but goes into effect Monday, July 1.

Most of the 400,000 Nevadans who use the food assistance program will be affected.

Previously, SNAP benefits were issued to all recipients on the first day of the month. Now, they will be issued on one of the first 10 days of the month, depending on the last digit of the recipient’s birth year.

For example: A person born in 1986 will receive benefits on the sixth of the month.

According to a press release announcing the date changes, SNAP is intended to supplement an entire month of food shopping but many people choose to use their benefits as soon as they are received. That has resulted in a strain on grocery stores, which see a spike at the beginning of the month and can struggle to keep shelves stocked. It also results in a strain on food pantries at the end of the month, when SNAP recipients find themselves low on food and in need of additional assistance.

Nationally, SNAP participation peaked in 2012 with 46 million receiving benefits, and by 2016 participation had declined by about 4 million people. Between 2013 and 2016, 45 states saw declines in the percentage of their population receiving SNAP benefits.

Nevada was not one of them.

Instead, the percentage of Nevadans using SNAP grew during that time period.

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April Corbin Girnus
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  1. What about the people who will not receive there snap benefits for 5-10 days due to this change. SNAP NEVER notified me by mail or any other way. I am now out of food and must wait 8 days until I my snap card gets refilled. They should cover this lost time. We still need to eat regardless what date we were born on.

    • I also would like to know why the State of Nevada is not making up for these lost days. It’s discrimination that my neighbor and others only had to make June’s amt last a extra 2, 3, 4, etc. days but I had to make mine last a total of 40 days and NOT be repaid. I received the exact same amt as usual and the extra 10 days from June were not applied to July! How is this NOT discrimination. The state if just keeping the funds?

  2. I’m old, but if I ever run out of food I know I could find a way to make enough money to get me through a few days. Pushing 80 but I can still walk and use my hands. Find a way!!

  3. I also would like to know how people who have to now wait till 7/10/2019 are going to receive those missed days! People I have spoken to today have said they did NOT receive there 2 or 3 missed EBT days. Is the State of Nevada just KEEPING this??? How can they NOT make up the difference and how is this NOT discrimination if some only miss1,2, or 3 days and some miss 10?!? When are the days missed going to be repaid??

  4. My wife died and I left Hawaii and walked away from my life. I’ve been traveling a year now in Las Vegas the place where she began her career. I’m houseless foodless penniless and 32 with absolutely no job skills or experience stuck in hot days and cold nights. Waiting for foodstamp to come in but while I wait I eat a small meal at catholic charities. Great friendly place. If you need food. Streets here are scary at night and shelters are even more scary.


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