Sanders promises sweeping action on immigration at Las Vegas rally

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd at Martin Middle School in Las Vegas., May 30. (photo: Jeniffer Solis)
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks to a crowd at Martin Middle School in Las Vegas, May 30. (photo: Jeniffer Solis)

In a nearly 45 minute speech in Nevada Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders condemned President Donald Trump’s ongoing “dehumanization of undocumented people” and called for comprehensive immigration reform, ending mass immigration raids, and a humane border policy.

“When we talk about a humane border policy that means a fair and fully funded immigration adjudication system. That means looking to reform the way we treat border crossing from a criminal offence to a civil one. That means ending wage theft and discrimination and harassment and abuse and mass immigration raids,” Sanders, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, told a crowd of about 900 gathered at Martin Middle School in Las Vegas.

Sanders vowed to end mass immigration raids and ban for-profit detention centers. He said his policy for comprehensive immigration reform would include providing a “pathway to citizenship” for undocumented people, “immediately” granting permanent legal status to Dreamers, and ending family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“America must never be a nation in which babies are snatched from the arms of their mothers,” Sanders said.

Sanders also used a chunk of his speech to call for campaign staples such as the $15-an-hour minimum wage, free tuition in higher education, and student loan debt relief.

The Vermont senator also called for policies to end voter suppression, gerrymandering, and cash bail, and promised to take steps to end mass incarceration.

He also vowed to work on overturning “Citizens United,” the Supreme Court case that ruled outside groups could spend money without limits on political campaigns, which critics say allows corporations and special interests to buy elections.

Jeniffer Solis
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