Wayne Allyn Root’s very special day


WARIf memory serves, I’ve only written about Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Wayne Allyn Root once, just prior to last year’s election when Root was performing as a warm-up act at Trump Nevada rallies.

Root didn’t like it.

Here’s part of what I wrote in that piece:

Root’s evidence is decidedly Rootian: California has problems. California has immigrants. Ipso facto, California’s problem is immigrants. As association fallacies go, it’s as sweeping as it is detestable.

It is also pitch-perfect for the toxic, racist political environment of the Trump era.

But Root’s tweet, and its emphasis on the towering greatness of Wayne Allyn Root, indicates the part of my commentary that described Root as detestable, toxic and racist was not the part that he found objectionable.

Evidently this was the unnerving part:

Wayne Allyn Root is, was, and always will be first and foremost a spokesman for Wayne Allyn Root and whatever Wayne Allyn Root happens to be selling at any given time. It used to be bets; he was a tout. Now it mostly seems to be ads on his radio show (which is chock full of Wayne Allyn Root ads about the immense value of buying an ad on Wayne Allyn Root’s radio show).

This week was already going fairly well for Root. He picked up a little attention for describing members of Congress Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar on Twitter as “evil Jew hating witches.” Repeatedly.

But Wednesday was a very good day indeed for Root. The person whose crowds Root had tossed red meat to during Nevada pregame festivities actually retweeted Root’s cult-like words of worship:


Root was subsequently trending on Twitter and all over national media. In an achievement perhaps beyond even his own dreams, Root had secured the highest honor of his career if not his life. Root won a news cycle.

If Root plays this right, and there’s every reason to believe he will, then at least in the short-term, actual, paying ads on Root’s broadcast empire should far, far outnumber “house ads,” i.e., ads on Root’s show that ask people to buy ads on Root’s show.

In their coverage Wednesday, national media outlets almost invariably described Root as a conspiracy theorist, which he is, whether it’s Barack Obama’s birthplace or the “Clearly Coordinated Muslim Terror attack” that the reality-based world refers to as the Las Vegas mass shooting of Oct. 1, 2017.

But Root the conspiracy theorist may be Root at his most grandiose. On a more mundane, day-by-day level, Root is a carnival barker. And the marks were lined up Wednesday like never before.

Of course, to reiterate, Root is also a newspaper columnist. So let’s not forget this is a very, very special day for the Las Vegas Review-Journal too.

Hugh Jackson
Editor | Hugh Jackson was editor of the Las Vegas Business Press, senior editor at the Las Vegas CityLife weekly newspaper, daily political commentator on the Las Vegas NBC affiliate, and author of the Las Vegas Gleaner political blog. Prior to moving to Las Vegas, he was a reporter and editor at the Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune.


    • Heidi Harris said Reid car bomb was a hoax (now exhibit at mob museum) – There are 57 listeners to talk radio in Nevada and 7 callers.

  1. Since Sun big wig agrees with much of Trumps Israel policy, Iran deal, embassy movie, Golan sovereignty etc – you won’t read a lot of opposition there. The old “truth” radio show, Travis T Hip , Lou Epton, Art Bell, etc. being a kook on Nevada radio – is a good career move.


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