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Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy joins community activists to announce the 2020 early voting locations for the "First in the West Caucus."
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Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy joins community activists to announce the 2020 early voting locations for the “First in the West Caucus.”

Cardenas Market, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada and Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant are among the nearly 80 early voting caucus sites announced Monday by the Nevada State Democratic Party in an effort to expand access to underrepresented communities.

“Not only are we important because of our diversity but in terms of choosing the locations we wanted to make sure that we were present in areas where community members are familiar with,” said state Democratic Party Chair Willian McCurdy.

Nevada will be the first and only caucus state to offer early voting in the presidential primary process.

In August, the Democratic National Committee passed a series of reforms to the Democratic Party’s presidential nominating process—including making caucuses more accessible — in an effort to grow the party, increase participation, and rebuild trust with voters.

Several early voting sites during next February’s “First of the West Caucus” show a focus on increasing participation in communities of color and other underrepresented communities in Nevada. 

Cardenas Markets and the East Las Vegas Community Center are located in predominantly Latino communities, while the Doolittle Community Center is in a majority African- American neighborhood. The party also catered to Nevada’s growing American and Pacific Islander voters, adding an early voting site at the Chinatown Plaza.

Included in the list of early voting sites are also businesses in neighborhoods with significant immigrant populations like the Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant.

Other early voting sites include the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Las Vegas, the Wadsworth Community Building on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s Reservation, and Temple Sinai a Reform Jewish temple.

Several union sites were listed as locations for early voting caucus sites: Culinary Union Hall, the AFL-CIO State Fed Building, IBEW Local 357, Heat & Frost Local 135, and SMART Local 88 were all included as early voting caucus sites.

The 2020 delegate selection process will include four days of early voting from Saturday, Feb. 15 through Tuesday, Feb. 18 ahead of Caucus Day on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. All caucusgoers will also be allowed to register as a Democrat that same day.

Early voting participants will have their candidate preference counted along with in-person caucusgoers, meaning everyone should be counted equally. Early voting caucusgoers will be able to select their first-choice candidates along with back up picks to be the party’s nominee for the 2020 general election, similar to Caucus Day.

A full list of early voting caucus sites can be found on the NV Dem website.

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