Will Nevada even get a victory speech?

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Whatever the caucus results Saturday (assuming there are some), Nevada might not get a victory speech.

That is unless Pete Buttigieg wins the state. The former mayor of South Bend is scheduled to speak at the Springs Preserve at 4:30 Saturday afternoon. If everything goes beautifully, there might be results by then. If there aren’t, well, that didn’t deter Buttigieg from giving a victory speech in Iowa, so maybe he’ll give one in Nevada too, the order of finish notwithstanding.

In 2016, when there was no Iowa fiasco setting the tone, no early voting in the caucus, no discarded apps, and no Democratic National Committee chair wondering out loud if Nevada would even have reportable results Saturday, the Associated Press called the contest for Hillary Clinton at 2:15 p.m.

How cool would that be?

If that happened this year, Joe Biden could give a victory speech. Assuming Joe Biden was the victor. Or comes in second. At this point in the proceedings, a second-place finish would be a victory for Biden. In any case, Biden will be in Southern Nevada speaking at the IBEW union hall at 3 p.m. If there are results, and they are good for him, he would be able to declare himself the Comeback Kid right here in Nevada before moving on to glorious victories in South Carolina and then Super Tuesday. Or not. But he’ll be here anyway. 

Bernie Sanders will not. He has scheduled rallies in Texas Saturday beginning in El Paso at 2 p.m., which would be 1 p.m. Las Vegas time. The Nevada caucuses are scheduled to start at 12:30 p.m. (but be in line by noon!). In other words, by the time Sanders is scheduled to wag his finger at adoring Texans, Nevada’s caucuses probably won’t even have officially started.

And the Sanders campaign evidently is not expecting results to come early, anyway. The campaign has scheduled a “caucus results watch party” Saturday.

At 5 p.m.

Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to be on a stage in Seattle by 6 p.m. Saturday. Her last scheduled Nevada event was Friday afternoon.

Amy Klobuchar will attend a campaign event early Saturday morning. By 4 p.m. Nevada time, she is scheduled to in Minneapolis to deliver a “volunteer appreciation event,” which does not sound like a victory speech, although it does sound like it could be an important Klobuchar speech of an altogether different kind.

Tom Steyer, who has been in Nevada a lot, will still be in Nevada Saturday afternoon, hosting a party “to celebrate the hard work and dedication his campaign has put into the the last several months.” Which doesn’t really sound like a victory speech. But it does sound like a nice thing to do.

Michael Bloomberg announced Friday that he will release three (3) women from non disclosure agreements. Which has nothing to do with Nevada’s caucuses. But then, neither does Bloomberg.

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