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kavanaugh helller

The civility con

Republicans have finally zeroed in on a winning message for the midterms: Civility won't be restored to public life unless you vote for men...
Laxalt's hometown

Daily Current excerpt: Laxalt’s relatives; Laxalt’s youth; Laxalt’s weekend

Occasionally the Undercurrent blog publishes a breezy excerpt from the Daily Current newsletter. The following is adapted from Monday's edition. (Click here to subscribe...

Shells, sectionals & a sandbox: Laxalt’s half-baked “economic plan”

Things Nevada newcomer Adam Laxalt would like to do if elected governor include but are not limited to:Make Nevada even more of a...

Nevada turnout is more important than Rosenstein & Mueller

We don’t know if Trump is going to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or, in the event, if Rosenstein’s replacement will fire special...

Microcommentary: Heller’s “hiccup”

Sen. Sycophant. On a call with Very Important Republicans, Nevada sort of important Republican Dean Heller could not stop gushing about how "great" Donald...
kick em out

Nevada can, and should, outlaw this industry

South Dakota is the most recent state to run off its payday loan industry.In 2016, 75 percent of South Dakota voters overwhelmingly approved a...

Bundy, Hansen, and Lord, oh my

A couple-three observations from the Reno Gazette Journal/Suffolk University poll released Tuesday...Third party candidates are notorious for performing better in polls than in elections....
ford column

The attacks on Ford aren’t about Ford: Why the AG race matters

A bunch of mining industry guys from California and their California bankers and California lawyers decided in the 19th century to put Nevada’s capital...
everything is broken

Woodward rudely rains on Kavanaugh’s parade

Poor Brett Kavanaugh. All he wanted was a dignified Supreme Court nomination process, and instead his hearing was lined with women dressed as extras...
kavanaugh helller

Guest op-ed: A vote for Kavanaugh is a vote against health care

Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, 294,000 Nevadans have gained coverage, the uninsured rate has fallen 45.6% in Nevada and medical bankruptcies...


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