COP27’s ‘loss and damage’ fund for developing countries: Breakthrough, or empty promise?

BY: - November 23, 2022

Developing nations were justifiably jubilant at the close of COP27 as negotiators from wealthy countries around the world agreed for the first time to establish a dedicated “loss and damage” fund for vulnerable countries harmed by climate change. It was an important and hard fought acknowledgment of the damage – and of who bears at […]


Congress needs to reinstate the expanded Child Tax Credit

BY: - November 22, 2022

If you could prevent millions of children from falling back into poverty, would you? Most of us, I imagine, would answer “yes” without hesitation. But not Congress. For nearly a year, lawmakers in Washington, D.C., have dithered as the policy directly responsible for a dramatic decline in poverty last year lapsed. It’s time for Congress […]

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Won’t someone think of Mark Amodei?

BY: - November 20, 2022

Now that it is official and Republicans will control the House of Representatives, pretty soon we’ll get to see if Marjorie Taylor Greene crushes the hopes and dreams of Mark Amodei. Given the Georgia congresswoman’s severely Trumpy all-whackadoodle-all-the-time approach to holding elected office, it would not be the least bit surprising if she couldn’t pick […]


End of Title 42 a hard-won victory, but the work of creating a humane approach to migration remains

BY: - November 18, 2022

A Federal District Court judge in D.C. ordered the Department of Homeland Security to end the use of Title 42 at the U.S. border on Tuesday night. Frustratingly, in spite of the fact that it has been in place for close to three years, Title 42 never got the attention it deserved as a devastating […]


The Democrat the election left behind

BY: - November 17, 2022

Sure, Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Adam Laxalt. But Steve Sisolak did it first.  For decades Republicans have had a built-in advantage in the race for governor, because in Nevada elections are conducted in the middle of a president’s term, when turnout traditionally has been lower. Sisolak’s defeat of Laxalt in 2018 marked the first time […]


Lombardo shuts out Nevada Current, Las Vegas Sun from first public event since winning

BY: - November 14, 2022

In his first public event since being elected governor, Joe Lombardo refused to allow the Nevada Current and the Las Vegas Sun to cover what was billed as a victory speech.  Shutting the Current out of his celebratory event was an extension of the Lombardo team’s practice throughout the campaign – the practice of multiple […]

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The likely unremarkable Lombardo administration

BY: - November 13, 2022

Robert Redford starred in a movie in the 1970s called The Candidate, in which he portrayed a candidate running on a dumbed down message crafted by his campaign handlers. He ultimately wins, and the movie famously ends with Redford’s character asking his campaign advisor, “What do we do now? It’s easy to imagine Joe Lombardo […]


In first nationwide election since Roe was overturned, voters opt to protect abortion access

BY: and - November 10, 2022

The first major election since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade saw abortion rights on the ballot in a record number of states. The outcomes of these initiatives suggest that when Kansas voters in August 2022 rejected a proposed constitutional amendment declaring there is no state right to abortion, it was not a fluke. […]


Why some people think fascism is the greatest expression of democracy ever invented

BY: - November 7, 2022

Warnings that leaders like Donald Trump hold a dagger at the throat of democracy have evoked a sense of befuddlement among moderates. How can so many Republicans – voters, once reasonable-sounding officeholders and the new breed of activists who claim to be superpatriots committed to democracy – be acting like willing enablers of democracy’s destruction? […]


As a national monument, Avi Kwa Ame would also be a local refuge

BY: - November 4, 2022

On October 12, 2022, the Nation celebrated President Biden’s historic decision to designate his administration’s first National Monument at Camp Hale, 20 miles north of Leadville, Colorado.  Deep in the Rocky Mountains at 9,200 feet elevation, the new Continental Divide National Monument, CDNM, spanning more than 53,800 acres, respectfully recognizes our World War II veterans.  […]


One doesn’t know what he wants, the other just wants to go home

BY: - November 3, 2022

With the campaigns winding down and election day nearly upon us, it seems worth reviewing how and why Joe Lombardo and Adam Laxalt are at the top of the ticket. After all, it’s exceedingly rare in the U.S. for a sitting sheriff to run for governor. And the only Republican in the 21st century to […]


Voters should refer to the facts, not paid advertising, when it comes to public safety

BY: and - November 2, 2022

The results of Nevada’s midterm elections could have a massive impact on the state and possibly tip the balance of power nationally, with tight races in four open House seats, the Senate and the governor’s office. The hotly contested idea of public safety is at the core of many of these races. For good reason, one poll shows that 80 […]