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health care

Bill would reduce prescription drug prices, too bad GOP is blocking it

Amid the ongoing health care debate in Washington, the House of Representatives will soon consider game-changing legislation that would provide relief to the American...
what who me?

All the times Donald Trump has never been corrupt

Donald Trump wasn’t withholding military aid from Ukraine because he wanted to force Ukraine to get on the stick and call Joe Biden a...
m'kay fine

So what have we here?

An overwhelming majority of Democrats, and a majority of independents, would vote for a potted plant before they’d vote for Donald Trump.Which brings us...

Notes on “a domestic political errand”

(The following originally appeared over the last two weeks in the Daily Current newsletter, which you can sign up for here).Nov. 14, the morning...
one billion dollars

Who wants a billion dollars?

Politicians are “for” education. Just ask them.Now the Clark County Education Association is giving those purportedly education-loving elected officials an opportunity to put some...
work work work

‘Job quality index’ may help explain why Nevada grows poorer as it grows

Politicians love to cite a falling unemployment rate as evidence of the wisdom of their policies. In recent years, in the midst of the...

Everything is awesome

Job growth in Nevada has led the nation for a dozen consecutive months. Unemployment is down and wages are up. From Resorts World to...

Mormons in Mexico: A brief history of polygamy, cartel violence and faith

Nine members of a prominent Mormon family in northern Mexico, all women and children, were gunned down on Nov. 4 in territory whose control...

Why VanDyke’s nomination should make Nevada Republicans cringe

Quick recap: Lawrence VanDyke was imported to Nevada by Adam Laxalt when the latter was elected attorney general in 2014. VanDyke was fresh off...

Homeless Nevadans need housing, not handcuffs

Do you know where you will sleep tonight, or do you have several options, depending on your circumstances? Several thousand people in the valley...



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