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Not really an alien.

Enough already with the space aliens

Harry Reid is a UFO bug.He even got your federal government to spend 22 million American dollars preparing a report chronicling strange things in...
Nevada Capitol

Limits on Nevada’s Legislature keep it from serving the state

In the last 30 years, Nevada has evolved from a sparsely and homogenously populated rural outpost to one of the most urban and diverse...
no beto no

Thanks for visiting Nevada, Beto. Now don’t come back.

Remember that viral video from last year when Texas U.S. Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke was asked about NFL players taking a knee and he...

Workers should be empowered to bargain and Democrats know it

A bill to allow collective bargaining for state employees should pass in Nevada.Support for collective bargaining has been a staple Democratic position for...
Nice work everyone

The 2019 Legislature’s most magnificent flop

Your Nevada Legislature is almost done!Cool. Each time the Legislature meets there are many urgent priorities. But no priority may be more urgent to...
sacred cedars

AB30 threatens tribal heritage and sacred sites

Lawmakers have a big decision to make this week on water policy.Will they pass a bill that could make it substantially easier to siphon...
no seriously how come?

Remember when Sisolak & the Dems promised to tax the poor?

Remember when Steve Sisolak was running for governor and he promised if voters elected him then in his very first legislative session he would...
return to normalcy

Nevada may sway 2020 race, unfortunately

Beneath Nevada’s noble veneer of a working class immigrant population -- the heart of both the economy and the state's Democratic electorate -- lies...
time on the machine

The slot play must go on

Members of Congress write lots of letters, and then send out press releases about them.One example in the genre Monday was a release from...
go raiders

If Nevada wanted education funded education would be funded

Nevada’s official economic forecasters met Tuesday and found the same thing they always find: A state that leans so heavily on sales taxes for...


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