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So when will Laxalt get us some ventilators?

Adam Laxalt published a commentary in the Reno Gazette-Journal Friday and you know what word was not in it? Ventilators.“I cannot stress enough how fortunate...

Good public service announcement but here’s an idea for a better one

All Nevada's living former governors, practicing what the state called "aggressive social distancing protocols," recorded a public service announcement from their homes to tell...
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Carolyn Goodman is not helping

Everyone hates everything about this, and wants it to end as soon as possible.That includes Carolyn Goodman.Unfortunately, she's defeating her own purpose.Wednesday at a...
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Nevada isn’t closing too much. It’s closing too little.

Whatever you think of Wallet Hub, Nevada's poor showing in its ranking of the "Most Aggressive States Against the Coronavirus" released Tuesday makes sense....

Nevada must also act to ‘mitigate and contain’ the economic pain

MGM wasn’t saying how many, as of Saturday, but it is laying people off. The largest employer in the state’s largest industry won't be...

In times like these, Nevada’s mining tax looks especially irresponsible

Prediction! The entire Las Vegas tourism industry will not dry up and blow away like so much development-stirred particulate matter that makes our sunsets...
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It’s never our time: Why we won’t have a female president next year

The 2020 Democratic presidential race, which, at one point, was brimming with promise with a high water mark of six women contenders, has dwindled...
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Smile, a whole lot of nothing is coming your way

Happy Super Tuesday! Maybe Joe Biden will win many states. That might not please Nevada Democratic caucus goers, who gave Bernie Sanders a smashing...
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Laxalt doing CPAC panel on ‘rigged’ voting, probably a ‘how-to’

CPAC - the Conservative Political Action Conference - has been underway in Washington this week.The annual gathering has always played host to some of...

Nevada got lucky, and other caucus takeaways

Motivational speaker Pete Buttitigieg is uttering some discouraging words about the results of Nevada's caucuses. And who can blame him? Nothing would propel a...


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