Las Vegas voters really ought to show up for a change

Disgraced former Congressman and Las Vegas City Council candidate Ruben Kihuen is having a big week.Tuesday, Buzzfeed, which originally broke the story about the...
gun show

A “mere condition” of sale. Or as the Nye County sheriff puts it, “Hitler!!!!”

Even Adam Laxalt didn't argue Nevada's background check law was unconstitutional."According to its plain text, the Act preserves a preexisting right in Nevada to...
Your exiteers

Pssst… exits from NV Energy are way out of control

Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council discussed leaving NV Energy to shop around for cheaper power. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has...
kinder gentler

Assembly Republicans document their existence

"Under Republican leadership, Nevada's rate of insured citizens has dramatically increased," boast Nevada Assembly Republicans in a document released Thursday outlining their 2019 priorities.Well,...
fun company

How Barrick’s bid for Newmont puts Nevada at risk

If Barrick's hostile takeover bid of Newmont succeeds, more than 75 percent of Nevada's $7.4 billion gold mining industry will be controlled by one...
solar bees

Guest op-ed: On clean energy, Carson City must lead where Washington fails

The 80th session of the Nevada Legislature represents a critical opportunity for our state. We can create well-paying jobs; reduce costs for consumers; and...

Did AOC nudge economists (including 12 from Nevada) to back a carbon tax?

If all the economists were laid end-to-end, according to a very old joke, they still wouldn't reach a conclusion.But more than 3,300 practitioners of...
feel the bern

Bernie 2.0

Bernie Sanders, who announced Tuesday that yes, he is running for president whether you want him to or not, narrowly lost the Nevada caucuses...
surrender monkey

Trumped-up “emergency” disgusts Nevada officials

Humiliated and routed by Democrats in the funding battle over his wall -- second only to himself in the short list of things he...
and then he would become AG

Public opinion on guns shifting fast, needs to shift faster

"Legislation to strengthen or enact background checks is pending in 17 states," the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence reported in its Feb....


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