no, tho, seriously?

Wait. Biden? Joe Biden is why Nevada is an early state?

Two polls, same result. Joe Biden still leads in Nevada.An Emerson College poll of 1,089 registered Nevada voters between Oct. 29 and Nov. 2...
please clap

MGM’s third quarter: Please clap

MGM released its third-quarter earnings report earlier this week and yes they sold the Bellagio but will keep running it, and yes they sold...
I don't understand

Amodei’s perfect interview with CNN

Mark Amodei was interviewed by CNN reporter Manu Raju Monday. The interview must be viewed to be fully appreciated, but here’s a very (very)...
gallery of stars

Quick – what do Michael Milken and the Raiders have in common?

It’s where the battery factory is. It’s also where Switch has a giant data center, and where Google is building one. It’s also where...
how thrilled

Oh no Adam Laxalt is sad

Asked “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today,” the top answer in a recent Gallup poll was “the...
faboo no?

Does the world really need a Las Vegas City Council?

To recap: The famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is not in Las Vegas. Your Las Vegas Golden Knights do not play in...

Why more places are abandoning Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Editor's note: Nevada lawmakers codified Indigenous People’s Day in April 2017. But while the original bill pitched by then-state Sen. Tick Segerblom sought to...
from the north for a change

Connecting to climate change in the Las Vegas Valley

The intensity of public rhetoric on climate change, now “climate crisis,” is rising.  Not only do we hear it and read it, we feel...

He’s a little bit Trumpy

Uh-oh SpaghettioOs Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has found the enemy.The media “could be your friend, but more often than not, they’re your enemy,”...
well now maybe but then again

Mark Amodei really wants you to know he’s not first at anything

Because who knows when the opportunity may next present itself, if ever, let’s say some nice things about Mark Amodei.Amodei is the Republican (it’s...



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