A CCSD Passion Play, Act 2: Waiting for God… Oh?

BY: - May 20, 2021

Yesterday I wrote about the latest environmental performance piece produced by the Clark County School District Board of Trustees – otherwise known as their bi-weekly meeting. Today we’re going to talk about the through-line of the piece, the central idea of the performance – whether to prop up The Man.  Let’s go over the characters […]


A CCSD passion play, act 1: ‘Tis Mad Idolatry

BY: - May 19, 2021

I love environmental theatre.  Maria Irene Fornes’ enigmatic avant garde piece, “Fefu and Her Friends,” has been a fave since college days. The show takes place in four rooms of a home in which the audience walks through, spending 10 minutes with each story. It has a cast of eight women, and was regarded as […]


Women-dominated child and home care work is critical infrastructure

BY: - May 19, 2021

A fiery debate has erupted over the definition of “infrastructure.” Does it mean roads, broadband and other physical structures included in the traditional meaning of infrastructure? Or should it have a broader definition that includes other important parts of the economy, such as workers who care for children, older adults and people with disabilities? President […]


How taxing mines could help fight systemic racism in schools

BY: - May 17, 2021

I’ve spent my last few years of high school advocating to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, remove police presence in our schools, and provide a better support system in schools for all of my classmates. But our calls for more counselors and less police have been met with questions of budgets, Assembly Joint Resolution 1(AJR1**) is […]


Home means ‘no path forward’

BY: - May 15, 2021

As forward-thinking lawmakers have tried to pass progressive and productive measures during this year’s session of the Nevada Legislature, “no path forward” has not been the default position of the governor and Democratic legislative leaders. Well, not publicly, anyway. But it is the phrase Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak used while declaring Nevada will remain among […]


Nothing but racism explains Black women’s higher rate of horrible birth stories

BY: - May 10, 2021

Tatyana Ali, who starred as Ashley Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” from 1990 to 1996, entered Harvard the next year where she double majored in government and African-American studies. In 2016, Ali and her husband, an English professor at Stanford, welcomed their first child, but only after mother and baby were roughly treated […]


What did big bad Liz Cheney even do to poor innocent Mark Amodei?

BY: - May 8, 2021

“Republicans need to stand for genuinely conservative principles, and steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality,” Liz Cheney wrote in a piece published in the Washington Post Wednesday. Alas, however small the window of opportunity for the GOP to turn away from Trump and Trumpism, that window has closed. Cheney also […]


Romney’s such a loser he only won the Nevada GOP caucus twice

BY: - May 5, 2021

“So nice to see RINO Mitt Romney booed off the stage at the Utah Republican State Convention,” said one-termer Donald Trump in a statement from his Florida lair where a jet plane is always fueled and at the ready lest he must seek exile in Russia to elude law enforcement, creditors, or both.  Utahans, Trump […]

ghost guns

Nevada must stop the carnage caused by ghost guns

BY: - May 4, 2021

Nevada is no stranger to gun violence. We are home to the most deadly mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Thousands of lives were impacted by the tragedy occurring on Oct. 1, 2017. The victims, the survivors, and their families were all touched by gun violence in a way most of us hope to never […]

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Native American voters are counting on the Legislature to increase access

BY: - May 3, 2021

After years of voter suppression and ignoring voting accessibility issues in tribal communities, who is thinking of uplifting the voices of Native American voters? This legislative session has made the answer very clear: Speaker Jason Frierson and the Assembly Democratic Caucus. The history of voting rights for Native Americans is fraught with voter suppression at […]

they're on the map

Remote community mostly ignores national paradigm shift

BY: - May 1, 2021

Precious, precious capital gains. Cutting the capital gains tax rate used to be the fanciest and most beloved economic cause of Republicans. Now their most beloved cause is Trumpism, of course. But they are whining that Joe Biden’s plan to raise the capital gains tax rate will impede the crucial role America’s idle rich play […]


Trapping is torture

BY: - April 30, 2021

Trapping is perhaps the most egregious abuse of our wildlife. The targeted animals (and often, untargeted creatures who get caught incidentally) can sit in a trap for up to 96 hours in the state of Nevada without the requirement for trappers to check on them. Don’t bet that every trapper will check after four days, […]