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Brookings Mountain West launches “Las Vegas and the Middle Class” project

There’s one thing that rich and poor have in common in the U.S. -- they both tend to describe themselves as “middle class.”That might...

So now what?

Things might be more cut and dried if Sheldon Adelson and Adam Laxalt had won.Democrats, with hefty majorities in the state Legislature, would have...

What Republicans mean when they say “California”

“I just don’t know what that means,” Gov. Brian Sandoval told the Review-Journal several weeks ago when asked about warnings from Dean Heller and...

Commentary: Trump’s latest ugly distraction

As funerals have begun in Pittsburgh for the victims of a white supremacist mass murderer, and as the nation continues to shake its collective...
Pretty in purple

Laxalt to Southern Nevada: Buzz off

I confess I've never found Nevada's north-south split as fascinating as its most spirited participants seem to think it is.Don't get me wrong. I...
heller rosen debate

When Rosen nailed it

After careful consideration, Sen. Dean Heller feels sure he knows why the U.S. is so politically polarized: It's the media's fault."You saw the Kavanaugh...
dmv and tree

Guest op-ed: Making voter registration simpler and more secure

This year voters will consider whether to make voter registration automatic for eligible citizens at the Department of Motor Vehicles, a change that will...
kavanaugh helller

The civility con

Republicans have finally zeroed in on a winning message for the midterms: Civility won't be restored to public life unless you vote for men...
Laxalt's hometown

Daily Current excerpt: Laxalt’s relatives; Laxalt’s youth; Laxalt’s weekend

Occasionally the Undercurrent blog publishes a breezy excerpt from the Daily Current newsletter. The following is adapted from Monday's edition. (Click here to subscribe...

Shells, sectionals & a sandbox: Laxalt’s half-baked “economic plan”

Things Nevada newcomer Adam Laxalt would like to do if elected governor include but are not limited to:Make Nevada even more of a...


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