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U.N. expert to Southern Nevada: House your homeless

When people kept sending Leilani Farha, the special Rapporteur on adequate housing for the United Nations, photos of people sleeping on the ground as...

Murren: Nevada can ‘punch above its weight’ in fight for COVID-19 supplies 

Whether it comes to getting a job, a room, or a free buffet, Nevada is about juice. Now, the biggest names in the state...
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Analysis projects date for COVID-19 to peak in Nevada: April 20

The third week of April.That’s when the coronavirus could peak in Nevada, according to a state-by-state data analysis from the Institute for Health Metrics...

Nevada may be a coronavirus melting pot, scientist hypothesizes

Who’s got it and who’s had it? How long has it been around and when will it end? Millions of people throughout the world are...

Southern Nevada hospitals delaying ‘nonessential’ surgeries

Southern Nevada hospitals are postponing surgeries deemed nonessential to conserve resources and make room for patients suffering from the novel coronavirus.University Medical Center of...

Sisolak issues a statewide moratorium on evictions

After housing and civil rights groups issued a plea for Gov. Steve Sisolak to protect tenants during the health crisis, the governor announced Sunday...
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So when will Laxalt get us some ventilators?

Adam Laxalt published a commentary in the Reno Gazette-Journal Friday and you know what word was not in it? Ventilators.“I cannot stress enough how fortunate...
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SNHD reveals underlying factors in COVID-19 deaths

Data provided by the Southern Nevada Health District reveals that four of the ten patients who died of COVID-19 had diabetes and three had...

Health official: “People without underlying medical conditions get ill and die” from COVID-19

The Southern Nevada Health District will begin providing more information on its website about people who test positive for COVID-19, Dr. Michael Johnson, Director...

$2T COVID-19 bill clears House, Trump signs it into law

A $2 trillion bill to aid workers, health care providers and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic passed the U.S. House and was signed into...


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