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Not law yet, but lawmakers announce $2 trillion coronavirus response deal

U.S. Senate leaders announced a compromise with the White House on a massive $2 trillion spending package that would send checks to Americans and...
Social distancing not so much

Social distancing not an option for those experiencing homelessness

Despite calls from federal, state and local officials for people to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many living on the...
alone together

Visitors flock to national parks after Trump waives fees

The Trump administration is urging Americans to head to national parks as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. Many people are heading outdoors to seek...

Nevada bans groups of 10 or more

Gov. Steve Sisolak on Tuesday signed a directive prohibiting public gatherings of ten or more people in Nevada. It is the latest in a...

Good public service announcement but here’s an idea for a better one

All Nevada's living former governors, practicing what the state called "aggressive social distancing protocols," recorded a public service announcement from their homes to tell...
sad but doubt China will pay for it

Nevada small businesses sue China for ‘misleading’ world regarding coronavirus

Las Vegas attorney Robert Eglet is suing the Chinese government in a class-action suit on behalf of small businesses, claiming the nation concealed the...
Change in Average Mobility

Nevadans are pretty good at social distancing, new analysis shows

Nevadans are staying home.That’s the conclusion one company specializing in “human mobility insight” has come to after analyzing location data from millions of Americans...
go home stay home

Protective equipment already stretched for Nevada hospital workers, first responders

Nevada’s recorded outbreak of COVID-19 is projected to get worse before it gets better, yet hospitals throughout the state are already employing special guidelines...
man in full body cast with balloon

Affordable Care Act still at risk of being dismantled, advocates warn

It’s an awkward time for celebrating your birthday, especially if you are a landmark piece of healthcare legislation.The Affordable Care Acts this week turns...

CCSD can’t guarantee education for every child through coronavirus crisis

The everyday barriers facing K-12 students in Southern Nevada make it impossible to guarantee every child will be able to adapt to distance learning...


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