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Why more places are abandoning Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Editor's note: Nevada lawmakers codified Indigenous People’s Day in April 2017. But while the original bill pitched by then-state Sen. Tick Segerblom sought to...

He’s a little bit Trumpy

Uh-oh SpaghettioOs Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo has found the enemy.The media “could be your friend, but more often than not, they’re your enemy,”...
coordinated muslim attack

No long guns allowed at 2nd Amendment rally

"No open carry of long guns" allowed at the upcoming "We Love The Bill of Rights Rally" scheduled for Wednesday.The event is framed as...
unlv forum reid muslims in U.S.

Reid urges understanding of Islam

Muslims are misunderstood and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants that to change.  Reid hosted a panel Thursday on “Islam in America," an...
can I get an amen

Bleutech Park nothing but smoke and mirrors?

Self-curing concrete.  Energy-generating sidewalks.  Those are just a few of the futuristic attractions promised for Bleutech Park, an alleged $7.5 billion dollar project slated...
no really don't cross

Nevada has nation’s 4th highest rate for intimate murder of women

Nevada, which consistently ranks low among states with good attributes and high when it comes to dubious distinctions, has the fourth-highest rate in the...
no diversity here tho they all are neckless

Nevada ranks 9th in diversity (but its economy doesn’t)

WalletHub, the credit score and credit report company that is probably better known for surveys ranking cities and states and this, that, and the...
radio daze

Rogers out at KNPR

Flo Rogers is "stepping down" as CEO of Nevada Public Radio, the organization's board of directors said in a statement Friday."Nevada Public Radio is...
dolphin calf

Another dolphin born in captivity. That’s entertainment?

Word of a new arrival “making a splash” at the Mirage Hotel’s dolphin exhibit beamed from TV screens and on social media Wednesday, as...
good luck

White supremacism and ‘changed face’ of terrorism challenge Nevada authorities

Earlier this month, the FBI arrested a 23-year-old Las Vegas man on suspicion of possessing parts to make a bomb and who allegedly wanted...



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