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3 out of 4 drivers fail to yield to pedestrians

Drivers must yield to pedestrians trying to cross the road at marked crosswalks. That’s the law. Most drivers don’t follow it. And drivers of expensive cars are...

Data breach lawsuit against MGM blames fear of bad publicity

MGM Resorts International customers who allege the company allowed their data to be breached by hackers are suing the company in federal court. In a...
Moapa River Indian Reservation community engagement meeting

Parents express frustration over CCSD structure, funding of Indian Education

Parents are mobilizing in an effort to increase resources for indigenous students in Clark County School District after a meeting earlier this month with...

Joaquin Phoenix, trade wars, the coronavirus, and the price of milk 

Libby Lovig of the Nevada Dairyman’s Association was watching the Oscars when Joaquin Phoenix accepted the Academy Award for Best Actor. “We feel entitled to...

‘Let’s just get it over the line.’ Nevada Democrats vote to advance ERA

The U.S. House on Thursday passed a measure to resuscitate the 1923 Equal Rights Amendment by repealing a long-expired congressional deadline for state ratification.  The...
hard work

Pine nuts, the climate crisis, tribal culture, and your ‘chic’ salad

Eaten a fashionable salad sprinkled with pine nuts lately? They’re awfully tasty. Pine nuts are also susceptible to commercial over-harvesting which, when combined with the impacts...
cultural appropriation

Forum highlights pain caused by cultural appropriation in festivals

When Fawn Douglas saw a website promoting an event entitled Las Vegas Tribal Gathering, she had two thoughts: Enough was enough. She had to...

Casino industry wants roadblocks for mobile billboards

The casino industry wants Clark County lawmakers to crack down on the mobile billboards that add to pollution and congestion on the Las Vegas Strip.
Stewart Indian School

‘We all have different cultures, but we are all connected’: An interview with the...

Stacey Montooth, the executive director of the Nevada Indian Commission for the last five months, puts a packet of Native medicines in a small...
Values Life license plate

Nevada’s anti-abortion license plate discontinued after lack of support

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed Thursday that an anti-abortion specialty license plate has been discontinued after failing to prove its demand. The “Values...


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