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Las Vegas does not love Starbucks as much as you think

Thanks a latte, bad data!If you think that pun is cringeworthy, don’t blame the Nevada Current. Blame ApartmentGuide for forcing us to write that...

Horsford promotes Democratic bill to reform Social Security

The first meaningful reforms of Social Security since 1983 would increase benefits, reduce taxes for millions of Social Security beneficiaries, set new minimum benefit...

Clark County sports nation’s 2nd largest population growth

New numbers out from the U.S. Census Bureau confirm something you’ve definitely noticed in the last eight years: Clark County is growing fast.Clark County...

LV Catholic Diocese names priests “credibly accused” of child sexual abuse

Between $14 and $15 million.  That’s how much the Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas has paid to survivors of child sexual abuse since 1995,...

Reid: “Speak out against hate. Don’t let it go.”

“I’ve been involved in political life in Nevada since 1963,” Harry Reid told an audience gathered for a discussion of anti-Semitism Thursday at UNLV,...
peace out cliven

Bundy’s public land theory “simply delusional,” “fundamentally flawed,” judge rules

A Nevada state court judge dismissed rancher Cliven Bundy’s lawsuit claiming more than 58 million acres of federal lands should be turned over to...

Nevada has nation’s smallest share of nonprofit employment

In 2017, 2.8 percent of Nevadans were employed in the nonprofit sector, the lowest percentage in the nation, according to the Bureau of Labor...

Prezzy wannabes, Gramsci, and you

As everyone knows, the Mueller report, as hastily skimmed by Attorney General William Barr, proves conclusively that Donald Trump is the finest human being...
kihuen with friends

Kihuen victim blasts despicable pro-Kihuen website

Remember that website somebody put up that attempts to defend disgraced former congressman, Las Vegas City Council candidate, and most obtuse man in Nevada...
shadow knows

Onerous fees, “antiquated” data system gum up juvenile justice, child welfare

Nevada could do more when it comes to child welfare and juvenile justice, whether providing resources that stop youth from entering the system altogether,...


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