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jackrabbit controversy

Las Vegas City Council crushes 5th graders’ hopes

A fifth-grade class at Garehime Elementary School got a taste of how local government works, or doesn't, Wednesday when it made a case before...

“Trump of Pahrump” dies, will stay on the ballot

Dennis Hof, the brothel owner and self-described "Trump of Pahrump," whose victory in a Republican primary for a state assembly seat generated headlines around...
circle park closed

Huntridge Circle Park closed for maintenance – or to oust homeless?

Huntridge Circle Park, which is shut down until Nov. 30, is expected to reopen to the public again. That's despite the fact various residents in...
kavanaugh helller

The civility con

Republicans have finally zeroed in on a winning message for the midterms: Civility won't be restored to public life unless you vote for men...

Growing number of Nevada women incarcerated for non-violent crimes

Nearly 80 percent of the 1,200 women imprisoned in Nevada are incarcerated for non-violent crimes, often as not a drug-related offense. Last year, more...

Metro on UFC melee: Move along, nothing to see here

Here is a statement, in full, issued by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Office of Public Information Monday:LVMPD officers assisted with breaking up...
Sacred water run

Indigenous runners fight to protect water, culture

This story spans 29 years, 300 miles, and the growth of a thirsty city in a desert.The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), on a...
usa usa usa oh wait

Heller misses sex abuse hearing

A Senate Commerce subcommittee charged with protecting Olympic athletes from sexual abuse met Wednesday for the fourth time. Absent from the meeting was U.S....

Reporting sex abuse: Damned if you do or don’t.

As the director of a progressive non-profit, Annette Magnus makes a living giving a voice to people who don’t have one. Finding her own voice...
and no means no

Kavanaugh, Me Too point up need to modernize Nevada sex ed

If 18-year-old Alan Cruz learned anything from Christine Blasey Ford accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, it’s that people don’t believe...


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