Changing high school start times will not solve teenage sleep issues

BY: - September 29, 2023

The Nevada State Board of Education recently passed a regulation requiring later start times for Nevada public high schools. This unfunded mandate is unneeded and unwanted. The issue supposedly being addressed is the rampant sleep deprivation among adolescents. The Board believes moving to later start times at high schools will effectively address sleep deficits and […]

Clark County school board to take up new school start time proposals

BY: - September 28, 2023

Changing school start times within Clark County School District would result in “a significant impact to the CCSD community and families,” according to materials published online in advance of a presentation scheduled for Thursday night’s Clark County School Board meeting. The board is not scheduled to vote on changing start times. “The draft of the language […]

Supreme Court leaves injunction against ‘sickouts’ in place while appeal plays out

BY: - September 15, 2023

The Nevada Supreme Court on Friday denied the Clark County Education Association’s request to stay an injunction against it for recent “rolling sickouts” that have shut down schools and disrupted instruction within the Clark County School District. The injunction will remain in place as CCEA’s appeal plays out. “We are pleased that the injunction granted […]

CCSD ‘sickouts’ ruled an illegal strike, teachers union to appeal decision

BY: - September 14, 2023

The “rolling sickouts” that have resulted in one-day closures at eight Clark County School District schools over seven instructional days constitute an illegal strike, a district court ruled Wednesday. District Judge Crystal Eller granted CCSD a preliminary injunction against the Clark County Education Association meant to end the rolling sickouts, which have come amid an […]

Lombardo got $14M for charter school transportation. Why aren’t more schools applying for it?

BY: - September 12, 2023

Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo earlier this year secured for charter schools their first ever pool of dedicated money for transportation, calling it “a critical part of expanding and enhancing school choice opportunities in our state.” But, so far, schools haven’t had to fight over the funding. As of late August, only $1.2 million of the […]

Schools Over Stadiums files referendum challenging public funding for A’s

BY: - September 7, 2023

An education group wants Nevadans to weigh in on the use of public funding to build a baseball stadium on the Las Vegas Strip. Schools Over Stadiums, a political action committee set up by the Nevada State Education Association, on Wednesday filed a referendum petition with the secretary of state’s office. The referendum seeks to […]

DACA rally DC

From DACA recipient to advocate: Championing AB226 for education equality

BY: - September 7, 2023

As a young Latina and a first-generation college student, my journey through higher education is filled with obstacles and triumphs. The path to higher education was difficult for me when I arrived in Nevada four years ago because of financial burdens and systemic barriers. My story is not unique, as countless immigrants and people of […]

35,300 Nevadans enrolled in new student loan repayment program

BY: - September 5, 2023

WASHINGTON — More than 35,000 federal student loan borrowers in Nevada are enrolled in the Biden administration’s new repayment program, according to figures released Tuesday by the Department of Education. Nationally, more than 4 million borrowers are enrolled. With the pause of more than three years on federal student loan repayments coming to an end […]

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Gun law raises funding concerns for school hunting programs

BY: - September 5, 2023

WASHINGTON — Republican lawmakers are concerned that the Biden administration is interpreting last year’s bipartisan gun safety law to cut funding for school archery and hunting programs, though programs themselves say they haven’t been affected. A provision in the law – a bipartisan effort to curb gun violence that established new criminal offenses, and expanded background […]


It’s not a lack of funding… it’s Jara

BY: - September 1, 2023

If the public wants to know why Clark County School District educators have been shutting down board meetings and are ready to engage in “work actions,” they need to look no further than our very own Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.   Despite what some in the media are claiming, the average educator in Las Vegas earns substantially […]

Governor confirms ‘initial conversations’ between his office, CCSD, teachers union

BY: - August 30, 2023

Gov. Joe Lombardo’s office on Wednesday confirmed “initial conversations” have begun between the governor, Clark County School District, and the teacher’s union. “Governor Lombardo has already had initial conversations with both sides and will continue those discussions this week,” spokesperson Elizabeth Ray confirmed Wednesday. The first-term Republican’s intervention was invoked Saturday by Clark County Education […]

No-cost grocery store promises help for CCSD students and their families

BY: - August 25, 2023

The gap between hunger and satiation for many Americans is is not getting any smaller as groceries, rent, and health care costs rise and pandemic-era relief ends. More families are skipping meals, eating out less, and turning to food banks for help despite inflation falling for the first time in years.  Teetering on the less […]