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Who are these people? An overview of CCSD, NSHE races

BY: - October 25, 2018

The Nevada Republican Party last week warned that the outcome of top-ballot races will have a tremendous impact on the state’s education policy, especially in regards to K-12 charter school growth and voucher programs. Both gubernatorial candidates have released education policy plans and gone on the offensive attacking one another over them. For all that […]

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Guinn Center to district charters: Be more like state-sponsored ones

BY: - October 25, 2018

The Guinn Center on Wednesday released a report on district-sponsored charter schools. Among their recommendations: Clark County and Washoe County school districts should consider transferring oversight of their underperforming charter schools to the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority or Achievement School District. Short of that, the report recommends school boards encourage their low-performing charters […]

jackrabbit controversy

Las Vegas City Council crushes 5th graders’ hopes

BY: - October 17, 2018

A fifth-grade class at Garehime Elementary School got a taste of how local government works, or doesn’t, Wednesday when it made a case before the Las Vegas City Council for naming the black-tailed jackrabbit as the official city animal. “I thought this would be noncontroversial and a no-brainer,” said City Councilman Stavros Anthony. “Since I’ve […]

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Nevada at bottom, again; but what exactly is the ACT testing?

BY: - October 17, 2018

Of the 20 or so states where all or nearly all high school graduates take the ACT, Nevada high school grads had the lowest average score in 2018. ACT Inc. released its annual score report Wednesday. Nationally, “college readiness” in math among 2018 graduates fell to its lowest mark since 2004. “Readiness” in English has […]

school choice forum

NV GOP promises more charter schools, vouchers if key races won

BY: - October 17, 2018

At an education forum Tuesday night, Nevada Republicans issued a warning to their base: School choice policies will be difficult to pass if Democrats control both the state legislature and the governorship. It’s a rallying cry that works equally well for the Democrats, and it highlights the growing partisanship of education politics, especially at the […]

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Lack of affordable child care: Tough on families, drag on the economy

BY: - October 15, 2018

Elizabeth and her husband pay $1,000 per month to keep their two young girls — ages 2 and 4 — in daycare four days a week. The couple considers themselves lucky. They should be paying $1,400 per month but the friend who referred them to their daycare is buddies with its owner, so they snagged […]

Nevada Children’s Report Card: F-, F, F-, F

BY: - October 11, 2018

Nevada received an overall “F” grade for education – again — according to the 2018 Nevada Children’s Report Card released this week by the Children’s Advocacy Alliance (CAA). The key areas most in need of improvements, according to the report, are school readiness, student achievement, high school completion, and funding. School Readiness: F- Nevada is […]

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What top-rated charter schools have in common: fewer poor kids

BY: - October 5, 2018

When the Nevada Department of Education released its performance ratings last month, “school choice” advocates were quick to boast that charter schools outperformed traditional public school districts, but demographic data at the individual school level paints a more complicated picture. Thirty percent of traditional public schools (meaning schools within Clark County School District, Washoe County […]

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He’s running

BY: - October 4, 2018

It was 20 years ago that the UNLV William S. Boyd School of Law opened (just in case some of you were looking for something make you to feel older). To celebrate, the school is hosting an anniversary gala at the Bellagio Dec. 1, and the featured speaker is Joe Biden. The event will also […]

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Kavanaugh, Me Too point up need to modernize Nevada sex ed

BY: - October 2, 2018

If 18-year-old Alan Cruz learned anything from Christine Blasey Ford accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, it’s that people don’t believe survivors. Cruz, a recent graduate of Canyon Springs High School, says he was sexually assaulted this summer and worries people won’t believe him either. However, that hasn’t stopped him from traveling […]


UNLV gets good rank for ‘Least Debt’

BY: - September 12, 2018

For the second year in a row, UNLV was named the most diverse undergraduate campus by U.S News and World Report, tied for first place with Rutgers University, Newark. UNLV is a Minority-Serving and Hispanic-Serving Institution, as designated by the U.S. Dept. of Education, with the report noting that 29 percent of the student body […]


Even with tuition waived, foster youth travel a tough road

BY: - September 12, 2018

Even with scholarships and loans, Madison Sandoval-Lunn could barely afford college and her living expenses. As a foster youth with no support system, she worked multiple jobs and struggled with periods of homelessness during her time at UNLV.  “Kids who grew up in the foster care system have a lot of things going against them,” […]