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Achievement District executive appointed to lead charter school authority

Gov. Steve Sisolak has appointed Achievement School District Acting Director Rebecca Feiden as executive director of the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority.Feiden is...
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Charter school moratorium rebranded as a ‘pause’

The State Public Charter School Authority’s backlog on school evaluations -- and their outdated criteria for evaluations -- may be catching up with it.The...
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Survey says: Teachers underpaid, overworked

More than half the teachers who participated in a Nevada State Education Association survey are considering leaving education.Over an eight-month period, more than 3,000...
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Harris says plan will give Nevada teachers a $15,000 raise

On the eve of her visit to Reno, presidential candidate Kamala Harris issues a release touting her plan to give teachers a raise.Her campaign...
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Parent alleges rampant violation of open meeting law at charter schools

Charter schools often market themselves as autonomous institutions where progress and best practices aren’t hindered by bureaucracy, and where parents can play an active...
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Bill calls for moratorium on new charter schools until 2021

The rapid growth of the charter school industry could come to a screeching halt in Nevada, thanks to a bill introduced Monday.The proposed bill,...

Sisolak names Jhone Ebert next education superintendent

Gov. Steve Sisolak has appointed a former CCSD administrator to the state’s top education position.Announced in a press release today, Jhone Ebert will begin...
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Teachers union pushes dedicated funding source for salaries

When Gov. Steve Sisolak promised educators a 3 percent raise during his state-of-the-state speech, some teachers couldn’t help but wonder: Would that money ever reach their...
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Bill introduced to abolish Achievement School District

Nevada’s initiative for converting public schools into charter schools may be coming to an end.State Sen. Marilyn Dondero Loop on Monday introduced SB 321,...
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Education overhaul Nevada needs requires revenue Nevada doesn’t have

What Nevada’s education system needs the most, it won’t be getting this legislative cycle.What advocates have long wanted most is to see significant increases...


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