Election 2020


Trump wanted U.S. Supreme Court to order new election in NV, other states

BY: - June 16, 2021

Documents obtained by the U.S. House Oversight Committee showed that former President Donald Trump wanted his Justice Department to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to order a half dozen states, including Nevada, to hold new presidential elections and to bar them from casting their electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden. On Dec. 29, Trump assistant […]

Clark County Commission

Miller’s 10-vote victory certified, Anthony headed to court

BY: - December 1, 2020

Of some 153,000 votes cast in the race for Clark County Commission District C, only ten ballots separated Ross Miller and opponent Stavros Anthony, and the man in charge of elections said as many as 139 discrepancies existed that could change the outcome.   Miller is the former Secretary of State of Nevada.  Anthony is a […]

Clark County may reconsider certifying District C election

BY: - December 1, 2020

Clark County Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez denied a motion Monday by Stavros Anthony to prevent the Clark County Commission from reversing course and certifying the results of the District C race, which Anthony, a Las Vegas City Councilman, lost to former Secretary of State Ross Miller by ten votes. The ruling clears the way for the […]

How state political parties helped big money pay for this year’s elections

BY: - November 30, 2020

WASHINGTON — State parties played an unprecedented role in financing the presidential election this year, making it possible for the national political parties to raise eye-popping sums from individual donors — and keep more money than they might otherwise be allowed. That’s all thanks to a 2014 Supreme Court decision that eliminated the overall limit on […]


What went wrong with the higher ed oversight ballot measure

BY: - November 19, 2020

A statewide ballot initiative to remove the Board of Regents from the Nevada Constitution may have narrowly failed this year, but its supporters say they plan to regroup and make their case to voters again. Question 1 sought to remove all references to the Board of Regents from the Nevada Constitution. Proponents argued — and […]


Clash of the trite ones

BY: - November 19, 2020

One last lingering 2020 election race that is yet to be decided pits two towering visionaries against each other in a battle of epic consequences, said no one anywhere. In case you missed it, a) aren’t you lucky? and b) in the race for Clark County Commission District C, Democrat Ross Miller, a former Nevada […]

Clark County Commission

Clark County certifies (almost all) election results; Anthony-Miller special election looms

BY: - November 16, 2020

Clark County on Monday certified its 2020 general election results for every race except one — a county commission contest where the razor-thin margin of victory is unlikely to hold up against an inevitable court challenge. That race, for Clark County Commission District C, is between Democrat Ross Miller and Republican Stavros Anthony. Unofficial results […]


Legislative shuffle just made job harder for Nevada Democrats

BY: - November 15, 2020

Nevada Republicans have flipped four seats in the Nevada State Legislature, stripping Democrats of their supermajority in the lower chamber and setting the stage for a messy 2021 legislative session. Raising revenue requires a two-thirds majority from both houses of the Legislature in Nevada. Going into the 2020 general election, Democrats held that supermajority in […]


Tin-pot diplomat channels bogus Trump-Laxalt attack on Nevada’s election

BY: - November 11, 2020

Oh great, Nevada. As if there weren’t enough clowns trying to nullify the decision of Nevada voters who preferred Joe Biden over Donald Trump by nearly 37,000 (and counting) votes, now the United States Secretary of State has joined the circus. “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Mike Pompeo said […]

scales of justice blue

Balancing the bench: Several public defenders win judicial races

BY: - November 10, 2020

Back in October, the Mass Liberation Project along with the UNLV Black Lives Matter movement hosted a panel discussing the role of judges in the criminal justice system and the need to bring a more balanced perspective to the bench. The Nov. 3 election had judicial candidates vying for seats from the Nevada Supreme Court […]

Nevada Latinos overwhelmingly went for Biden, but Trump made gains

BY: - November 9, 2020

President Donald Trump made gains with Latino voters in Nevada in the 2020 election, according to election eve polling and exit polls. The majority of Trump’s support in Nevada seems to have come from white voters, not Latinos, who remained largely Democratic. However, there are indications Latinos supported Trump in larger numbers than when he […]

Lee at the post office

Nevada called for Biden, finally; Lee beats Rodimer

BY: - November 7, 2020

Joe Biden was finally declared the winner of the presidential race in Nevada Saturday morning. Biden’s Nevada lead over Donald Trump grew a couple thousand votes Saturday morning to 25,699 votes, according to results reported by the Secretary of State’s office. The Associated Press then declared Biden the winner. Votes are still being counted in […]