light rail rendering

Light rail vs. rapid bus: RTC taking input on Maryland Parkway Project

Just under two weeks remain for the public to weigh in on proposals for a high-capacity transit project along Maryland Parkway.The project could bring...

Uber, Lyft pounding Southern Nevada public transit revenue

 Ridesharing apps have dramatically cut revenue for public transit in the city, leaving difficult decisions for the future of the Regional Transportation Commission of...
what a mess

Circle Park at center of Ward 3 race

It’s not the homeless people who seek respite in Huntridge Circle Park that have neighbors fearing the park’s reopening a little more than a...
holy cow

Conservation groups criticize lowering of federal grazing fees

Private ranchers who use public lands will soon pay the government less money, thanks to a federal fee change announced Wednesday.The U.S Interior Department...
Block grants

Where Nevada TANF spending hits – and misses – the mark

Of the $102 million in combined state and federal funding for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families in Nevada in 2017, the state spent 38...
pretty good tie

Horsford tapped as senior Whip

Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford has been tapped to serve as a senior Whip for the 116th Congress.Senior Whips in the House meet on an...
surrender monkey

Nevada joins California in suit over Trump’s national emergency

Updated to include statement issued by Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford late Monday afternoon.Nevada is joining the lawsuit to challenge President Trump’s national emergency...
savings accounts

State treasurer hopes to promote savings accounts for the disabled

A savings program for people with disabilities is being underutilized in Nevada, and the state treasurer is exploring ways to remedy the problem.Named for...

Trump wall emergency may cut in to Nevada seizure/forfeiture funds

Nevada law enforcement agencies that seize cash and assets from motorists and others suspected of illegal activity may lose revenue under President Trump's funding...
death chamber

Lawmakers seek to abolish Nevada’s death penalty

Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation Friday to kill the state’s use of the death penalty.If passed, Assembly Bill 149, sponsored by Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo...


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