Health Care

Sisolak slams Trump effort to dump protections for pre-existing conditions

Efforts by President Trump and Congressional Republicans to eliminate the Affordable Care Act's coverage of pre-existing conditions could put as many as 1.2 million...

Gender-diverse community challenges state intersex policy

Georgiann Davis was 13 years old when a doctor discovered instead of having ovaries and a uterus that she had internal testes. Yet, Davis...

Addiction treatment and the circuitous road to recovery

 The Centers for Disease Control reports 116 people are dying every day in America as a result of opiate addiction.  Addicts say kicking the...

Rehab Rat Race: Putting profits over patients?

Cody Arbuckle was 23 years-old when he left Indianapolis and headed for Las Vegas and a future free from addiction. Like countless others tethered...

STDs on the rise nationally and in Nevada

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases at the Southern Nevada Health District has jumped 34 percent in the last two years, and reported STD cases...



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