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Clark County to add short-term rental fines to tax bill

Clark County has a new weapon against homeowners who lease their properties as short-term rentals, which are illegal in the county.  Until now, county officials...
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Laborers’ union boss: Bleutech project ‘looks more legitimate … than Faraday’

A first-of-its-kind development offering workforce housing amid “supertrees” and “self-healing concrete,” as well as other ultra-high-tech features, is slated for 101 acres of land...
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Apartment industry blames rising rents on lawmakers for saying ‘rent control’ out loud

Rents in the Silver State are skyrocketing and the association representing  apartment complex owners suggests state lawmakers who uttered the phrase “rent control” in...
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Chronic homelessness soars despite decrease in homeless population

Those entering homelessness are staying on the streets longer, which means more of them are chronically homeless.New data from the 2019 Southern Nevada Homeless...

Legal group attributes drop in eviction filings to new tenant protection law

With a decreased number of eviction filings in July, some are suggesting that newly enacted legislation that slightly extends the time frame for evictions...

NLV scraps plan for warehouses surrounding sinking neighborhood

A plan to build acres of industrial warehouse space adjacent to a long-neglected neighborhood of sinking homes has been scrapped by North Las Vegas...
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City hikes residential trash bills to fund homeless sweeps and city cleanups

Months after the Legislature gutted a proposal from the City of Las Vegas to increase a sewer surcharge and property tax to fund homeless...
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Henderson approves short-term rentals, promises enforcement

Until now, local governments, which are partially dependent on tax revenue generated by tourists who sleep in hotels, have been at a loss on...
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Henderson may become short-term rental capital of Southern Nevada

You can’t do it legally in Clark County, and you can only do it in the City of Las Vegas if the homeowner is...

Homeless numbers drop, but more than 5,000 still on streets

Southern Nevada had a 13 percent decrease in people experiencing homelessness, according to the 2019 Southern Nevada Homeless Census.Good news, to be sure....