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To buy or not to buy? Is consumer confidence hampering the housing boom?

With some homeowners still recovering from the Great Recession and the housing crash that decimated Nevada’s market, is the economy about to falter, threatening...
the one everybody always natters on about

More divorce, less income and other Nevada notes from new Census report

Compared to the rest of the nation, Nevadans make less money, are more likely to be divorced, less likely to be white, and more...
winter homeless

Homeless working Nevadans have a hard job

Brett Yadon knew he could get a call for temp work at any given moment. Being homeless and living in the shelter at Catholic...
rousted in corridor

Realtors oppose tax to fight homelessness

Ahead of the 2019 Nevada Legislative session, the committee of taxation submitted a bill, on behalf of the City of Las Vegas, to increase the...
Big beautiful gate and homeless will pay for it

Whatever happened to that homeless corridor gate, anyway?

Construction on a proposed gate to limit foot traffic on Foremaster Lane has been postponed until early 2019. The Las Vegas City Council voted...
Las Vegas City Council members

Las Vegas asks to raise taxes, fees to take on homelessness crisis

At an October Las Vegas City Council meeting, city officials agreed more needs to be done to address homelessness in Southern Nevada, and there isn't...

City to county: Vacation rentals are your problem, too

A City of Las Vegas hotline set up to handle complaints about short-term rentals in city neighborhoods has received about 100 calls a month...

So now what?

Things might be more cut and dried if Sheldon Adelson and Adam Laxalt had won.Democrats, with hefty majorities in the state Legislature, would have...

Ordinance to protect homeowners called “anti-development”

City Councilman Steve Seroka, who says he was prompted to run for office because of the dispute over plans to convert the Badlands Golf...

Rent or own, “Alternative Lodging” affects you

The vacation rental on your block may be giving you fits but it could also be increasing the value of your home.  The short-term...


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