Old Town

Groups respond to Bonnie Springs project in dramatically different ways

BY: - January 18, 2019

The pending closure and sale of Bonnie Springs has sparked a range of reactions from the community, from calls to relocate the ranch’s most popular attractions, to pleas for somebody somewhere to please start talking about how the county handles development and growth as a whole. Save Red Rock wants to save Old Town. The group […]


Correction: Rule change won’t speed up eviction process

BY: - January 11, 2019

Changes to civil procedure rules adopted by the Nevada Supreme Court last month will not speed up the eviction process. At the end of December, the Supreme Court revised civil procedure rules to adjust time periods for motion papers. Those rules, however, do not apply to justice courts, where eviction cases are handled. The Current […]

Aerial of Bonnie Springs Ranch property

Bonnie Springs Ranch developer: No zoo, smaller motel, natural look

BY: - January 9, 2019

Additional details have emerged about the future of Bonnie Springs Ranch. The developers, Joel Laub & Associates, are hoping the new details will reassure the public that their intentions are to preserve the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon while adding residential housing that falls well within the county’s rural zoning requirements. The Current reported Monday […]

Soon to be covered by mcmansions

Developer plans to break up Bonnie Springs Ranch, build homes

BY: - January 8, 2019

Documents filed with Clark County confirm rumors that the owners of Bonnie Springs Ranch are seeking to divide up the 63-acre property in order to build residential housing. On Dec. 13, land-use plans were submitted to the county. They show the 63-acre property being broken into 22 different parcels. The largest would be an 8.5-acre […]


Shutdown not derailing real estate, yet, but “probably not good” for market

BY: - January 8, 2019

Federal employees are going without work in some cases, or working without pay in others, but if you’re looking to buy or sell your home, chances are decent the government shutdown won’t derail your plans. But if you’re in the market for other federal funding, you may be out of luck. Real estate experts in […]

Marilyn Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick comes out swinging, wants pot money spent on homelessness

BY: - January 8, 2019

The Clark County Commission is considering a proposal from its new chairwoman, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, to spend a windfall of marijuana business license fee revenue on Southern Nevada’s homeless problem. Marijuana-related businesses generated $9.3 million in business license fees in fiscal year 2018 and are on track to reach $11 million in fiscal year 2019. “I […]


Southern Nevada homeless deaths spiked in 2018

BY: - December 19, 2018

Every year for the annual homeless vigil, the Clark County Coroner’s office determines how many homeless people died, who they were, and in most cases, how their lives ended. Figuring out why they died can be a far more complicated question. While often connected to medical, mental health or substance abuse conditions many homeless people […]


To buy or not to buy? Is consumer confidence hampering the housing boom?

BY: - December 11, 2018

With some homeowners still recovering from the Great Recession and the housing crash that decimated Nevada’s market, is the economy about to falter, threatening to plunge Nevadans underwater again? The “R” word is punctuating news reports at an increasing rate.  The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates again. Corporations are perilously over-leveraged.  And […]

the one everybody always natters on about

More divorce, less income and other Nevada notes from new Census report

BY: - December 6, 2018

Compared to the rest of the nation, Nevadans make less money, are more likely to be divorced, less likely to be white, and more likely to own their own homes. Those are some of points gleaned from the American Community Survey 5-year estimates for 2013-17, which were released by the Census Bureau Thursday. The ACS “is […]

winter homeless

Homeless working Nevadans have a hard job

BY: - December 5, 2018

Brett Yadon knew he could get a call for temp work at any given moment. Being homeless and living in the shelter at Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, last minute job opportunities would leave him scrambling trying to figure out how to get to where he needed to go work. “You know they are going […]

rousted in corridor

Realtors oppose tax to fight homelessness

BY: - November 29, 2018

Ahead of the 2019 Nevada Legislative session, the committee of taxation submitted a bill, on behalf of the City of Las Vegas, to increase the real property transfer tax and add a surcharge to sewer services in attempt to fund homeless services and affordable housing. The bill already has opposition from Nevada Realtors. “We support efforts […]

Big beautiful gate and homeless will pay for it

Whatever happened to that homeless corridor gate, anyway?

BY: - November 27, 2018

Construction on a proposed gate to limit foot traffic on Foremaster Lane has been postponed until early 2019. The Las Vegas City Council voted Aug. 1 to erect a gate within the Homeless Corridor. “We had to work through some underground utility issues that required some slight redesigns of the gate post locations,” says Jace […]