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Proposed city ordinance pits businesses against homeless providers

The first time Deacon Tom Roberts, who heads Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, learned the City of Las Vegas was crafting an ordinance that...
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Train to Victorville will eat into affordable housing financing

The proposed financing for a plan to reduce traffic between Las Vegas and California and stimulate the economy by shuttling tourists via high-speed rail...
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County official says city homeless ordinance would be burdensome, create fear

While updating Clark County commissioners on homeless services, county officials said a proposed City of Las Vegas ordinance that would make it a misdemeanor...
carceral conservation

Goodman urges special session to retrofit prison for mentally ill homeless

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is reviving and revising a pitch made years ago by her husband and then-mayor, Oscar, to turn the prison...
pretty expensive really

Rents in Nevada increase at more than twice the rate of inflation

Rents in Reno increased more than 19 percent in the last five years and rents in Clark County increased by 17.5 percent. Both of those...

Now really may be the time to buy

Home prices in Southern Nevada are nearing the all-time high set more than a decade ago, but low interest rates and the lowest foreclosure...
don't do it Carolyn

Groups rally, urge mayor to dump ‘ridiculous’ homelessness proposal

When a person experiencing homelessness gets a citation they can’t pay or is arrested for a crime connected to their homelessness, Nevada Homeless Alliance...
shiny ain't it

Groups plan rally at City Hall to protest ordinance criminalizing homelessness

Civil rights groups and homeless advocates plan to rally Wednesday at Las Vegas City Hall to protest a proposed ordinance that would make it...
rousted in corridor

Goodman resurrects ordinance to punish homeless sleeping on sidewalks

City of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman is planning to resurrect, and expand, a proposed ordinance that could punish those experiencing homelessness for sleeping...
shiny ain't it

Public cost of homelessness projected to skyrocket

Homelessness could cost Southern Nevada as much as $1.1 billion annually within 20 years, the Las Vegas City Council was told Wednesday. “We think the...


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