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NLV scraps plan for warehouses surrounding sinking neighborhood

A plan to build acres of industrial warehouse space adjacent to a long-neglected neighborhood of sinking homes has been scrapped by North Las Vegas...
rainbow republic

City hikes residential trash bills to fund homeless sweeps and city cleanups

Months after the Legislature gutted a proposal from the City of Las Vegas to increase a sewer surcharge and property tax to fund homeless...
no pitchforks tho

Henderson approves short-term rentals, promises enforcement

Until now, local governments, which are partially dependent on tax revenue generated by tourists who sleep in hotels, have been at a loss on...
where the magic happens

Henderson may become short-term rental capital of Southern Nevada

You can’t do it legally in Clark County, and you can only do it in the City of Las Vegas if the homeowner is...

Homeless numbers drop, but more than 5,000 still on streets

Southern Nevada had a 13 percent decrease in people experiencing homelessness, according to the 2019 Southern Nevada Homeless Census. Good news, to be sure....
sinking Windsor Park

Historic Windsor Park loses out to developer

Windsor Park, a historic African-American neighborhood neglected by North Las Vegas after many of its residents abandoned their sinking homes, owes the area’s current...
Windsor Park

Neighborhood is sinking but NLV could allow warehouses

When Pastor Bill Miller wanted to build a wall at his North Las Vegas home, the city denied the permit, claiming the sinking soil...
Photo of Attorney General Aaron Ford

Ford joins coalition opposing HUD rule to evict undocumented immigrants

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford joined a coalition of 23 states opposing a proposed rule by the Trump administration that could displace more than...
Seth Moulton

On campaign trail, Moulton argues new generation should lead

What actions the United States takes to address climate change, economic insecurity, health care, increased automation of jobs and national security will have a...
Las Vegas City Councilman Cedric Crear

Is Las Vegas ready to require affordable housing from developers?

A City of Las Vegas councilman is suggesting housing developers be required to include affordable (perhaps even low-income) units in exchange for the privilege...


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