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we've let housing economics get so weird

Tenants’ rights legislation dies under pressure from Realtors

A bill designed to enhance the rights of tenants in Nevada but labeled a "slap in the face" by Realtors, will not move forward....
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Trump administration allowing growth of home “chattel loans,” senators warn

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto and several other Democratic senators are urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to improve transparency on how manufactured homes get...
we've let housing economics get so weird

Realtors slam bill to protect renters as “a slap in the face”

Nearly 44 percent of Nevadans are renters. But legislation designed to beef up renters’ rights is facing stiff opposition not only from Republicans and...

And now here is a picture of legislators and dogs

Whether the Nevada Legislature is going to the dogs is a matter of opinion. But Friday at least some dogs went to the Legislature.Nevada...
dismantle it now

Cortez Masto pens letter to CFPB director, blasts latest assault on ageny’s mission

Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and several of their Democratic colleagues are demanding that trends and disparities in mortgage credit...

Guinn appeals bankruptcy judge’s ruling

Jeff Guinn, the son of former Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, is appealing a federal bankruptcy judge’s ruling that he “fraudulently concealed information” from investors...

Segerblom chides landlords to maintain properties

On Monday Commissioner Tick Segerblom called on landlords who fail to provide basic maintenance and upkeep of their buildings to bring their properties up...
legislature building homeless vigil

Carson City guts LV’s request to fund homeless services, affordable housing

Homeless and affordable housing advocates were blindsided last week after proposed legislation to use taxes and fees to fund homeless services and affordable housing...

Judge: Son of former NV governor “fraudulently concealed information” from lenders

Hard money lender Jeff Guinn, the son of former Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, “fraudulently concealed information” when he valued four loans brokered by his...

Affordable housing bill clarifies local government’s role in crisis

It’s the classic case of he said, she said.On one side: legal counsel for the State of Nevada, whose position is that existing law...


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