Metro predominantly white and male as it nears milestone 

BY: - August 2, 2021

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department marks its 50th anniversary on July 1, 2023, a landmark it may reach without ever having a woman in the highest ranks of leadership — sheriff, undersheriff or assistant sheriff.   Black police of both genders are also a rarity among Metro’s hierarchy, evidenced by the department’s organizational chart featured […]

state hoosegow

Sisolak, Ford press corrections officials on low vaccination rates among prison staff

BY: - July 28, 2021

Less than half of corrections staff within the Nevada Department of Corrections have been vaccinated, which Gov. Steve Sisolak called “atrocious and not acceptable” during a meeting Tuesday.   The Nevada Board of Prison Commissioners, which includes Sisolak, Attorney General Aaron Ford and Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, was informed 41.9% of the 2,393 prison staff […]

death chamber

ACLU, NV Press Association sue to assure NDOC transparency at execution

BY: - July 26, 2021

The ACLU of Nevada filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the Nevada Press Association against the state to assure Zane Floyd’s pending execution is conducted in a transparent manner. The complaint, Nevada Press Association v. Sisolak, scrutinizes limitations on witnesses, specifically members of the press, observing the execution, saying that the state’s  “procedures violate […]

Wolfson, Lombardo panned for ‘generic responses’ at NAACP forum

BY: - July 20, 2021

Toward the end of an NAACP Las Vegas panel on race and the justice system, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joe Lombardo were asked by an audience member how their respective offices identify and address racial disparities in arrests and convictions.  Earlier in Saturday’s forum, which was […]

Metro sued in federal court over death of Byron Williams

BY: - July 16, 2021

It’s been nearly two years since Byron Williams, an unarmed Black man who was pursued by officers because of a broken bicycle light, died in police custody after uttering “I can’t breathe” more than 20 times.  Williams’ family is still seeking answers and trying to find justice after Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson decided […]

NV Dept of Corrections

NDOC hasn’t implemented law capping deductions on inmate bank accounts

BY: - July 12, 2021

To test if a new law restricting deductions on inmate bank accounts was working properly at the beginning of the month, Jodi Hocking deposited $10 for her husband, an inmate with the Nevada Department of Corrections. Since September 2020, Return Strong, a prisoners advocacy group Hocking started, along with the ACLU of Nevada and other […]

carceral state

Legislation prompts hunger strike at Ely State Prison

BY: - July 1, 2021

Nevada prison officials confirm a dozen inmates at Ely State Prison are on a hunger strike to protest “changes made to package and canteen protocols” according to Teri Vance, a spokeswoman for the department. Inmates who are in administrative segregation have reportedly been denied access to the commissary because of misbehavior by prisoners in disciplinary […]

House votes to create select committee to probe Jan. 6 insurrection; Amodei votes no

BY: - June 30, 2021

WASHINGTON—The U.S. House voted Wednesday to establish a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection, in which a mob of pro-Trump supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol. In a 222-190 vote that was almost entirely party-line, just two Republicans joined Democrats in passing the resolution, which calls for a probe into “one of the darkest days […]

U.S. House votes to oust statues of Taney, Confederate leaders

BY: - June 30, 2021

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House voted Tuesday to remove from the Capitol a bust of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, a Marylander who wrote the despised Dred Scott decision—as well as evict statues and busts of men who fought for the Confederacy or served in its government. The legislation passed on a vote of 285-120, with all […]

And sky

Supreme Court affirms transgender rights in declining to hear Virginia school bathroom case

BY: - June 28, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that it will not hear a case of a transgender student in Virginia who was barred from using the boys’ bathroom, a decision that affirms lower-court rulings that said treating transgender students differently violates federal law. Justices on the top court offered no comment in declining to take up […]

Traffic ticket decriminalization takes effect July 1, but law’s major provisions don’t

BY: - June 28, 2021

While legislation decriminalizing traffic tickets and preventing driver’s license suspensions for minor traffic offenses technically go into effect July 1, major provisions of the bills won’t be effective until months, if not years, later. Assembly Bill 116 makes minor traffic violations, such as driving with a broken taillight, a civil infraction, while Senate Bill 219 […]

death chamber

Company demands return of drug ‘surreptitiously’ obtained for execution

BY: - June 25, 2021

The maker of the drug Ketamine is threatening to sue the state of Nevada if it does not return some 50 vials purchased for use in the scheduled execution next month of Zane Floyd. Floyd went on a shooting rampage in a Las Vegas Albertsons grocery store in 1999, killing four people. His execution is […]