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All the times Donald Trump has never been corrupt

Donald Trump wasn’t withholding military aid from Ukraine because he wanted to force Ukraine to get on the stick and call Joe Biden a...

Abuse of power, bribery, obstruction: Democrats’ impeachment plan takes shape

WASHINGTON — U.S. House Democrats are laying out their framework for articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. As the House Judiciary Committee held its...

LV advances homeless ordinance despite ‘no past problems’ cleaning sidewalks

At a public discussion on an ordinance that would further restrict sleeping and camping on sidewalks during cleaning hours, Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem...
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U.S. Supreme Court may sidestep a big Second Amendment fight

WASHINGTON — A high-profile gun rights case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday might be dismissed with little fanfare. The justices heard an...

U.S. Supreme Court takes up consequential gun rights case

WASHINGTON — A momentous clash over gun rights is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The high court is slated to hear oral arguments on...

Ford settles with T-Mobile, withdraws from lawsuit

Nevada is the latest state to pull out of a lawsuit to stop a $26.5 billion merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. Seventeen attorneys general were...

Las Vegas family fights to keep ICE from deporting their father

Karen and Jennifer Martinez just want their father, Jesus Martinez Manon, back.Speaking at a press conference Monday, his daughters, both United States citizens, failed...

In police report, retired cop admits to buying sex, denies trying to force teen

Kirk Hooten, the retired Metro detective charged with soliciting prostitution from a child, told the 16-year-old girl three times to get into his car,...

Metro cop ‘tight with the sheriff’ arrested for allegedly soliciting child prostitution

Kirk Hooten, a detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police as of 2018, faces a Justice Court hearing Monday on one felony charge of...

District Attorney issued ultimatum to falsely accused man

Updated 11/25/19 with comment from attorney Lance Hendron.Jesus Carvajal lost everything when he was rousted from sleep by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department’s...



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