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Promising session for criminal justice reform hijacked by prosecutors

With Nevada Democrats in control of the state Senate, Assembly, and executive branch, the 2019 legislative session held much promise for progressive interests and...
who's watching the watchmen

Judges’ bad acts as prosecutors ignored in Nevada

They cut deals with defendants, witnesses and snitches.  They can pile on charges and strong arm plea deals, sometimes based on false confessions.  America’s...

Nevada adds retailers, more drug companies to opioid lawsuit

A federal suit filed by former Gov. Brian Sandoval’s administration against Purdue Pharma will now include McKesson Corporation, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation, Walgreens,...
busted now pay or go to jail

While not decriminalizing, lawmakers revise traffic offenses

While Democratic lawmakers were mulling over criminal justice reforms, there was a push to decriminalize traffic tickets and put a halt to a system...

McCarran among airports with most TSA civil rights complaints

WASHINGTON -- Nevada’s McCarran International Airport has the dubious distinction of being on a top 10 list for allegations of violations of civil rights...

Sisolak signs legislation to study juvenile detention

Gov. Steve Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 449 on Wednesday, which authorizes an interim legislative study to look at juvenile detention in Nevada.In 2018,...
here come da judge

Another judge alleged to have buried evidence as a D.A.

A Winnemucca man serving life without the possibility of parole says he takes responsibility for the murder that put him behind bars."I drove up...
up for parole

Jessica Williams likely to be freed after 19 years in prison

After six appearances before the Nevada Parole Board, one for each of the young lives that ended when Jessica Williams fell asleep at the...

Criminal justice bill watered down but still significant, advocates say

An omnibus criminal justice bill with high hopes of reducing recidivism rates and curbing the growing prison population successfully navigated the Nevada Legislature Monday,...
yer speaker

Nevada restores voting rights to formerly incarcerated

Gov. Steve Sisolak Wednesday signed into law a bill that restores voting rights of people who have been convicted of felonies but released from...


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