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Ban of “gay panic” defense among bills approved by Senate

A bill prohibiting the use of a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity as a defense for a violent crime committed against them passed...

Despite costs and wrongful convictions, lawmakers OK with death penalty

Juan Melendez spent 17 years, eight months and one day on Florida’s death row for a murder he didn’t commit.It took years and...
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Bundy’s public land theory “simply delusional,” “fundamentally flawed,” judge rules

A Nevada state court judge dismissed rancher Cliven Bundy’s lawsuit claiming more than 58 million acres of federal lands should be turned over to...

Judge: Son of former NV governor “fraudulently concealed information” from lenders

Hard money lender Jeff Guinn, the son of former Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, “fraudulently concealed information” when he valued four loans brokered by his...
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Death penalty repeal bill won’t get a hearing, sponsor says

Legislation to abolish capital punishment in Nevada won't even get a committee hearing, the bill's sponsor said Tuesday.Without a hearing before Friday, the bill...
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What’s the AB411? Legislation converts traffic tickets from criminal to civil offenses

As a public defender with Clark County, John Piro has seen a $400 traffic ticket ruin a client’s life.Living paycheck to paycheck, like...
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Legislation would restore voting rights for 89,000 formerly incarcerated

An estimated 89,000 formerly incarcerated Nevadans could immediately have their voting rights restored under proposed legislation.Under the current process that allows people to...
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Nevada Supremes wrangle over judicial discipline

The attorney for the state commission that disciplines judges defended its practices, then acquiesced, before some seemingly skeptical Nevada Supreme Court justices Tuesday.  At...
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Legislation calls for keeping closer eye on ICE

On Tuesday, Assemblywoman Selena Torres introduced a bill that would require law enforcement to collect and report data on the transfer of undocumented immigrants...

Immigration activists split on police bill: Good first step? Or not enough?

Democratic Assemblyman Edgar Flores made it clear from the very beginning of the hearing: He is not attempting to get local law enforcement agencies...


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